Cassandra, Zero Percent, Twenty Trillion Dollars discussed on Investor's Edge


Still hold sway. Over the market to a certain extent. And if by chance. They ever go back to zero percent rates. Probably go thirty thousand. But remember the ultimate outcome and I'm not kidding. All asset bubbles eventually pop. How do I know it's an asset bubble twenty trillion dollars a printed money zero percent rates, negative rates crapping your pants at two and a half percent rates? That's all you need to know. That's where the bubble is in the easy money. And anyone who thinks otherwise that is not an asset. Bubble had better study the history of easy money. And while we're not Cassandra's. We are historians here. And we are quite factual based on history and based on precedents with sing. Yes, there is a decent amount of precedent to go by, when it comes to easy money, but I must tell you never, ever have we seen the easy money that we are getting around the globe.

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