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Lee scott is here. Hey good morning to you on the. I think addict. We fixed the problem yesterday with the clinching. This was saying that it was an addict. We fixed that and send. Your sound is fixed to right. You sound you sound good. Oh yeah and my headphones. This day. So i think we did all of that for the people who live feed gets interrupted. That's not as with not too sure the or your internet service and if it's low and you're streaming and my got it on new sendo we've was there was little thing that's not our but no no. There was still something wrong with this into fixed. The most important thing is fixed and you guys can watch without interruption last night. Seven o'clock with this prentice kayaks. Good morning mr robinson. Hey bill good morning. Let t-shirt briscoe is here. Hey randy montgomery's in the building what's up brandy. Deora jackson is here haiti record morning. I am td. mckee is on. I g i saw real estate is on i g. Hey y'all komo into indian virgin hair. Hey in the inversion here. good morning. Dear dray shaw is here. Hey dre good you shutout to fragrances. Up fedora on. I g was corey. How are you today frank. Ingram is in the building. What's up frank. Good morning to earl collins. Hey earl. Good morning michael street.

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