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Republican Senator Rob Portman about the risks of a deal that the president might not support. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm Rachel Martin. The Senate breaks with the president on Syria voting against any move by the White House to quickly remove all U S troops. Also, look at whether a meeting between President Trump and China's vice premier brought the do countries any closer to a trade truce and on story core. A son remembers his father, the good the bad and the music. It's friday. The I February rapper big BOI from Outkast turns forty four years old today. The newscast is coming up next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. The Trump administration is expected to announce that it's leaving a nineteen eighty-seven arms control treaty. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo is scheduled to speak later this morning and allege Russia has been breaking the treaty. This is a complaint that the Obama administration also made Meanwhile, Russia is undertaking an overhaul of a missile base on the Baltic Sea. NPR's Jeff Brumfield has more the basis located in the Russian held region of Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania commercial satellite. Images show that many of the buildings on the base have been demolished. Jeffrey Lewis has scholar at the Middlebury institute. Who's looked at these images says Russia's making room for something else? Maiming new facilities for people living, there may mean more shelters for more missiles, we we really don't know. Because right now, it's just a big construction site. Russia's believed to be moving in advance missiles, which could be used to strike targeting Europe. The work comes as. The US says it is withdrawing from a major arms control treaty with Russia. US officials say they are pulling out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. Jeff Brumfield NPR news Washington in Texas. The Catholic church is releasing the names of hundreds of clergy who are described as credibly accused of child sexual abuse. Houston public media's Elizabeth trove reports victims of abuse say, it's not enough Catholic church leaders across the state revealed names of nearly three hundred clerics who have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minor. The Texas Catholic conference of bishops decided they would release names of the credibly accused after calls for transparency last fall. Michael Norris leads the Houston chapter of the survivors network of those abused by priests and says these lists are not enough, you know, the churches claiming that they are transparent yet, they aren't what they're doing. Here is trying to control the message. They have not told us what their definition of credibility is he's pushing for more independent investigations of sexual abuse within the Catholic church for NPR news. I'm Elizabeth trove all in Houston. The Labor Department will release reports on January's unemployment later this morning. This will likely reflect the thirty five day partial federal government shutdown. Economist gusts foce of PNC financial services says the effects of the government hiatus probably won't be long lasting. We are seen disruptions in the labor market. But generally after government shutdowns we've seen the labor market bounce back pretty quickly. And so I think that obviously the federal government workers are having difficulty in meeting their financial obligations. Making payments and so forth. But I think the dam the permanent damage to the economy is going.

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