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Out the cia yes. Carry across is not designed to do comedy stuff. No no the rest of the show. I think the the fin ballard carrion cross video. Package was one of the greatest things i've seen. I thought that was just absolutely phenomenal. Tone presentation everything. That was a grand slam home. Run and had. I not already been planning on switching permanently to annex. T-there's no way. I would miss next week. Show that video package. That was phenomenal video packages. I don't want to say that they go under the radar but when you look at every wrestling promotion. I can't think of any show that has better video packages than annexed t i presume. It's largely jeremy barasch. There is another guy. I forget his name. But there's actually another guy who helps with those as well but these are every single time. They're so good and awa doesn't do a lot of via packages like this ron smackdown. Some of the ones they do before the pay per views i mean. They're fine but annexed has the best video packages anywhere in wrestling and house one of them. Yeah that really was now the the spa segments on the other hand. Not so much. So kennison indie are at a spa and And this is what happens okay. So they're both on the table and they got the whatever over there is they're getting massaged and they're chitchatting and kansas is telling indy about what a creep this dexter lewis's okay and all sudden the camera pans up. And whoever was massaging indy. Is now dexter loomis. So he can he can teleport. Let's doesn't disturb the camera person. Today's serial killer has just crept into this massage room. So he's massaging her now. She doesn't know 'cause he's got the thing on rise and she says you know you're right. He's such a creep in a loser. And they they pan up to dexter. Loomis and i think he's sad but he never emotes he just looks like a creep and so he walks away and like. I think we're supposed to feel sympathetic for this guy. But he's a creep like he snuck in and he's massaging this woman and she doesn't even know so he goes away and like we're supposed to feel bad for the guy and then later. The big payoff is candace. Goes to pay and the lady comes back and she says your card has been declined and candidates says it run it again. Shouldn't be declined. And the lady says no for sure it's declined and the the credit card company said that you had an unpaid expense and it was from a flower shop or something like that and so like this story is the. They wouldn't run her card because candidates had bought flowers on the card that she didn't pay. None of this makes any sense. Let's like credit. Kerr not a lesser credit limit. Was like twenty five dollars which by the way big superstars here. The teams with a limit of twenty five dollars. Maybe it kind of makes sense doesn't even then it doesn't you got a thirty day grace period three weeks ago and so then any figures out you bought those flowers. It wasn't dexter that bottom for indian or whatever name is shots amber. It was you. He loves me and then she storms out in for supposed to want to see him get together. I'm afraid i'm afraid them getting together. That's not how credit cards work if you're shopping somewhere and they decline your card. Your credit card company doesn't tell them where else you shopped and what is outstanding. It's i guess it's just not how it works. You would be told that your over your limit or the your declined. That's it it's like this is how credit cards work. Hey this guy here. Saying i don't know anything about anything. Because can you get flowers. Twenty five bucks first off. We don't know we don't know what flowers were purchased for these two. It could have been carnations. I can. I can go to safeway and get a bouquet for under twenty five dollars. Will you made up. The dollar value doesn't matter could from what it is. You can spend two thousand dollars on flowers. The credit card company would have just said. You're eve exceeded your limit. And your card is declined. They wouldn't tell you the date of the purchase and what store it's it's it's ludicrous. And again the fact that the sympathetic back face is the one who's stocking. Yeah and menacing this woman. Disguise gimmick is he's a creep and he's supposed to be the baby face it's he's stocking this woman in a very uncomfortable way yeah company that has had legitimate issues with female talent in a more than uncomfortable. Less another good point there by the way i was even though i didn't even think about that but yeah let's imagine let's imagine everybody that some female you know goes to a massage place to get a massage and in the middle of the massage some creep comes in and boots the guy out and takes over and starts rubbing her. That's a baby face. No why is it so hard. He's a weirdo anyway. That was that what else was on the show any else. Oh i want to put over hit row. Awesome and top dollar loved the guy. The greatest was that was a fun. Act i love that segment. And actually what the hell's xs name Ashanti the and this is coming for me. That was one sweet ass dropkick. It's the guy that dude gets up. I enjoyed this. Was this was a donaldson. Top tala against aria. Devante and tony niece. Tony niece painfully underutilized. By the way but just they destroyed these two guys and cut a promo afterwards. Swerve says he wants the winner of the main event. Tonight's i'm all for that swerve. Scott and brunson redo feud works for me. I like this act a lot. And then tony storm a entirely. Sure what that move was but it looked awesome. Did look like she killed her. Though she did a move at the end. And i watched it. And i could not figure out what in the world happened and then i watch it again and again and again. I watched it five times. I still don't have any idea what happened in this move and then they showed a replay. I still don't know what the move was. But i do know that she twisted and she dropped so he started her head and pinned her so i mean the end of the day. I have no idea what the point of the tony storm. Losing streak and lost zoe stark could take over was held out. I don't know but now she's beaten her. And i guess moving.

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