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Stuck when we when we replaced in high schools civics courses with CS courses, you get Mark soccer. Okay. But one of the things I think they I think they will not I think they will not I think they'll sit it out like they think they did sit it out in the Clinton. They didn't give her a lot of money, but they obviously not going to fund Trump. There's no way a lot target executives are getting pretty hop. And a lot of getting involved in trying. Yes, they will some of them will we'll we'll put a lot of money towards it some of them will. But some of them will. I think sit out is what you're going to see a little bit more. And and you know, you're not gonna see Cheryl Sam refunding a Republican ever. I don't think that is going to you're going to see that happening or or or some of the others. So I doubt that what I what I what I think is that they are. I don't think they know where they belong. But what's interesting? There was a great story than your times this week about all the IPO's coming. There's going to be a lot more millionaires and billionaires coming and some of the new ones are quite kindly apparently. But but I'm thinking about Airbnb pinchers Uber, and let's see Airbnb is most certainly leaning left like Brian chess ski, and he's been very thoughtful about him tomorrow. So there's more money coming from not necessarily those companies from other places. I think the Uber executives might be more seventy percent of the senators elected by Rudd states. Because a lot of the smaller states that people don't want to live in get two senators, and because they don't have the economic opportunity to lead to leave. You're going to see this enormous woke as a business strategy, which leads into the most money is I think had to go to Democrats this time because it show me all the two-thirds the economic growth is moving to ten cities in the US. And it's scary. But show me someone is an urban dweller showing someone who lives in a same sex households headed by same sex couple show. Me college grads show me women who are increasingly economically independent. I'm going to show you democrat. So you're gonna see in the corporate world all of these companies discovering their new Wilk values. They're all gonna decide they want to they want to support capper, Nick, I all going to not not all of them. But you're about to see corporate America get in touch with its woke side as nothing to do with their principles. It's just the right thing. But go ahead. Whatever he would keep going keep going. Anyway, they're more progressive Bill. Probably you're going to be progressive with theme allows lesbians who conference. What was that Taffer sent that was rolling? Okay. Maybe that's the last time. We heard from. US cute. If it's from last let's beans are so far beyond y'all. It's not even funny. You were interviewing the cast was supposed to interview the cast. Our how many people here would like me to interview the cast of the l word. Said a lot of question. I have said no one never. I'm not even letting you near Jennifer beals. I'm just going to tell you that. Right. Be okay. Stop. And on that note. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you very much. We'll be doing. We'll be doing more of these live shows a lot because obviously. Hello. But thank you so much for coming, and please listen to pivot and tell your friends about thank you. All right, everyone this with our first pivot in front of a live audience at south by south west. We'll be back next week in the studio Rebecca synonymous produces show. Nishad Kirwa is the executive producer. Thanks also to Eric Johnson. Thanks to all the extra south by south west production crew. Thanks. You're listening to pivot from vox media. We'll be back next week for more of a breakdown in all things tech and business. If you like what you heard please subscribe on apple podcast or wherever you're listening. Hi, this is Karen Swisher editor at large Recode. I want to tell you about something, my friend, Casey Newton is working on as you probably know Casey is the Silicon Valley editor of the verge, and he has a fantastic newsletter that you should subscribe to. And it's just a really smart witty look into the cultural reckoning over tech platforms and the way they're affecting everything we do.

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United States, Casey Newton, Taffer discussed on Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

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