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Skills i talked to the prosecutor lee county prosecutor bernard carter is requesting a waiver from given awkward and at that time the identity of the minor we'll be more widely available but at this point we can really discuss where this person liz where this person grew up who this person is nothing because i'm leonard ecuadoran as a officer the core of even attorney myself you know i take these measures rollover we really had a great group europa a folks talking above all the work that was done merck in your phone last few weeks has been the but you see a lot of it i go on wdob every week and you know i mean i'm a very public person i'm out on front street and i took a lot of criticism over the investigation i knew a lot more than i could ever said because if i do say what i know it could jeopardize investigation and maybe this bag i still author committed in his friends so the best thing i could do in situations like this as a shut up and not divulged would i know because if i do divulge it we may never got this peppers and i think it's great the we've got a man in custody will follow this case circle lee throughout the worker ramirez and certainly for a key thirty in the rest of the guys that added a pledge of putting it together look you we spoke line horrible subic to facebook live there was can accused it's horrible horrible what do you do with something like um so that's what we know and arlos right we don't know who we all know much about the kid we don't have uh the you know we're gonna were with the school or just you know there's a gag order on the whole thing but the not a gag order on talking about safety and it would we need to be doing here too to maintain that safety because that is what we should be doing in situations where it is just crazy to women two young women one girl in one young woman brutally raped with them at the i don't know where you do when a guy brings on a hammer if the.

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