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To AMA at impact theory dot com. That's AMA an impact eerie dot com. Finally, separating that out into its own Email account. All right without further ado, let us dive into the questions this is from Nikki. Hey, Tom recently. I feel like I've hit rock bottom. Mentally of always struggled with self confidence and the feeling of being worthy. I finished my degree as a teacher as one of the best in my year, while still pursuing my passion for music recording. Now playing shows on weekends at cetera. Instead of being proud of the things I've accomplished I recently started to feel pretty burned out and find that making music doesn't make me happy anymore as it's just more and more frustrating. I know the quality wise, I plan a pretty high level. However, I feel like a failure. And like everyone else in. The businesses worthier than me is starts eating me up recently at the point up to the point that I was wondering if I'm really an artist or just an idiot any ideas on what is wrong with my perspective, and what I can do to stop slipping into depression and a feeling of being constantly burned out. Yes. And this is something that. I didn't see coming when I started all of this doing QNA's. I didn't see how many people are really in need of falling in love with what they're doing falling in love with themselves. How many people struggle with this? So first of all the people that you feel are worthier than you. I just promise you that the vast majority of them feel the same way you do because the metric that you're using to judge yourself is is a very disempowering metric, and so what you're doing is saying worldly, how am I successful compared to others? How am I successful? Instead of saying do I fucking love playing the music or not. And why do I want to get good at this? What am I trying to do who am I trying to impact impact not impress not the amount of money that you wanna make you've got to putting fall in love with what you're doing? And this is like, we're it's a fucking pandemic. People are not enjoying what they're doing. First of all if you're burned out take time off like I it really drives me nuts that people look at me as captain grind. And I'm telling you right now the thing that you should look at me as captain love. What you do? I love what I do. And the whole story that I tell people about when I went in and for six years, it was just grinding it out. It was just chasing money, which can insert is success was just chasing success. I had a weird fucking metric that I was judging everything by I was chasing that it just so happens that the metric was money, but that metric could have been anything other than how it made me feel whether or not that I loved it. Now when you're doing that everything just chips, wait, you grinds. Wait you because every second that you're spending doing that. You're not spending something that fills you up. It makes you feel good. There are things in this world that will make you just feel intrinsically. Good. And I know I sound probably agitated right now. The fair word to use. But this is. This is me loving people. This is me wanting to see you guys happy, and scratch that this is me wanting to see you guys fight three river of shit to find fulfilment because at the end of the day that is going to serve you. Now when you take the time to fall in love with music or to stop doing music, which by the way would be fine. But if you're stopping music because you feel like an idiot that is a judgment that you're placing on yourself based on this external metric, which actually has nothing to do with whether or not you love it..

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