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Bit, yeah. Yeah. Kennedy Chandler is two pounds less than John butler. Despite being a foot shorter. Yeah, that's a wild step. I mean, I this is, he needed to go back to Florida state, put on strength. Like it's not like he was in a bad space to go put on strength, right? Like, his career is going to be much more difficult now. He has talent, like he can shoot. He's 7 foot tall. He can move his feet really well. But he's probably going to be on a two way contract. Start next year. And this is a very real mistake, I think. We talked about it and you are watching Florida state earlier than years that who is this was on the radar. This kid looks unbelievable. He blocked a shot. He had four points. And I got the same from a few people that saw warmups started to lay up lines like, do you know this John butler kid, oh yeah, I know the backstory a little bit, bounce around grassroots teams. Nobody said that this is a lottery pick this year. A lot of the quote unquote draft Twitter community likes him as sort of a stash, but even there, no one's screaming like great. He's going to be a top 20 pick. Right. His career is going to be much harder because of this choice is my take. It's going to be, he's going to be a two way contract guy and I'll likelihood. Even if he gets a guaranteed contract, he's so far away from being able to play competently in an NBA game. That it's still just going to take forever like in teams are going to get impatient with the roster spot to make it work. This is not a good choice. I feel bad. I think the kid has talent. And I think that there is a real chance that by the time he's 25 years old, has a chance to play in the NBA. He's just nowhere near there yet. No, not yet. Yeah. Which is a bummer. Immuno Muhammad is physically ready to play in the NBA. Kind of the antithesis here, where he doesn't really shoot it well, but is physically ready to play in the NBA. And I get this decision. I don't love it. I will have him somewhere in my top 50. Just because I would, I mean, would you give a medium Muhammad guaranteed contract? No. I don't think I would either, but he'd probably be one of my priority two way guys. Absolutely. Because I think if you can teach him to shoot, he's so tough he's so physical that I actually kind of like the rest of it. Yeah, he's a smash mouth type of guy, but he's a 31% true from three. Georgetown did well in the portal. They were really bad last year. Could have went back and another kind of like just be the guy..

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