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Fascinating to see governor cuomo today blair he also blasting this press conference moments ago president trump saying his tweets were not helpful or factual here right what what was in factual about a president who's frustrated at democrats pushing back against his vetting program scrutinising immigrants to want to come into this country why is that not fat you will or not helpful no i think a whole lot of people found the words from the president if if andrew cuomo had his way donald trump would not respond at all to a terror attack like this this was not his issue he wants to stand there at the podium padding build the blasi on the back and receiving patch from build blasi on his back truly really disgusting equally disgusting is the anti police mindset that is fuelled by these quarterbacks like urged these players rather than the nfl started movement started by colin kaepernick and sure enough almost like clockwork after i praised this hero nypd officer earlier today for what he did yesterday in taking this monster down got a phone call from a guy named derek derek wants to know why i defended and praised the hero nypd officers who took the terrorist down thanks for hanging in there with his derek how're you doing alright might good good what's up on bitten entered the question that i have for you and i look and can you every day then i want to let you know that your rate powered and you've it gate everything you with a gay every time bear dumped in grey squirrel america you instigate again black and brown equal with your dog with little okay but i tell.

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