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Lana Zak is in Washington, and it hasn't gotten into real specifics about his denial he called the article not true, but he didn't say what exactly in. It was not true. And part of what seems to have raised? His heckles is also a part of the article in which Diener advisors and administration officials actually say that they think that the president hasn't been fully briefed on what cyber command is doing after days of protests in Hong Kong city leaders suspended work on a controversial Bill, that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to China, but demonstrators say it's not enough. They want that Bill thrown out and are demanding the chief executive Carrie Lam step down. ABC's Bob Woodruff is in Hong Kong. I two of carry lambs allies, who broke rank with. Her on Friday were members of the business community. One of them, her main adviser publicly said that they underestimated their concerns over the extradition, Bill also there is Beijing. China's president Xi Jinping is possibly meeting President Trump right there at the G twenty and two weeks. And the last thing that he wants is on rest in Hong Kong as a backdrop in Phoenix, Arizona, the city's police chief apologizing to a couple whose arrest was captured on video that's gone viral that after allegations, one of the young daughters took a doll from dollar store. Claim it twenty four year old you should Harper. Enter twenty two year old theon say driven aim stole other items refuse police commands, and that officers feared they were armed. But at one point in officer is filmed kicking.

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