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In on the latest regarding Patrick, No homos, who had his worst game is an NFL quarterback in the Super Bowl. How much of that had to do with the turf toe injury he sustained in the divisional win over Cleveland in mid January. Hard to say, but Either Mahomes nor the cheese will waste time taking care of the injury. Holmes undergo surgery on Wednesday expected to make a full recovery by the start of training camp. Long time NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer Has died. Schottenheimer 1 200 regular season games, eighth on the all time list Coast in Cleveland, Kansas City, Washington and San Diego. He was 77. The Brooklyn Nets remain without Kevin Durant because of health and safety protocols, but still figure to have more than enough to beat the team with the MBA's worst record. Nope. It's the Pistons, who get the wind. Detroit built a 20 point lead and beat Brooklyn 1 22 1 11 Jeremy Grant matches his career high by scoring 32. A 23 to go in the Knicks Leave the heat 84 82 end of three the pelicans with a 92 to 81 lead on the Rockets. Tuesday night's game between the Capitals of Flyers postponed because of covert issues affecting the Flyers. 34th NHL game Postpone former Flyers goalie Ron Hextall has been named the new general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins. One NHL final of Panthers beat the Red Wings 2 to 1. College basketball. Those Alabama defeating South Carolina 81 to 78. Bye, Buesseler Jr here. What's next for the Chief's? What's next for the Bucks? After Super Bowl 55 tune in tonight to the J. R sport brief show, I'll let you know it's an Eastern seven Pacific. Fundraiser.

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