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Can't take a punch but his body doesn't know how to react to getting hit. I don't think in his in his brain. I don't think he was like hurt. He got hit by the Went down his body. Doesn't know how to resist the punch like he twisted and turned. It almost fell. The damn ring doesn't know what to do so i believe in when he did that. Post on interviews. I wasn't hurt in his brain. He wasn't hurt but he's gonna get hurt. there was. There was no question. Veto bill for is going to hurt you bad. At some point they need to stop that fight but eventually throwing punches. So i don. This is the worst thing i've ever seen. This was criminal. This was an attack on the elderly. And for vito bell. For look fucking. Y'all y'all saw the fight on twitter. Whatever veto beat his ass. Stop the fight but for vitor to beat up a fifty eight year old man and then. I'm not talking about jake paul. Because yes. he called object. Paul and they would like year to thirty million winner-takes-all against jake paul. Okay fine. whatever you don't want wanna try to sell a fight cool. The one they said veto bill for said cannella. One won't fight me one hundred eighty five pounds for thirty million dollars. I was left until after you dot. You beat up a fifth. Like listen if i play a game against michael jordan. His days i think michael jordan still washes a lot of people. If i want to play a game. He probably still too with bill. Russell right and i make a jumper on russell. He definitely you by the way. But if i if i if i make a bucket right if i'm making a bucket and then i go. The brian teams will come for you. The fuck is what's wrong with me veto bell for just did vitor. Belfort beat an old man up and then off out the best power for power fighter in the world in a winner. Take all match canelo. Alvarez could be laying on his couch playing with his daughter in rollover get on his private jet flight of florida industry. Close beat the shit out of each rebel. It and i would love him to do because it'd be a winner. Take off site. What is wrong with detour qualifier. It is pajamas. The cannella stay rocket pajamas off to themselves may come up come on. He could get there in the canoe in florida. Take canoe and get their silky pajamas and put on. He connecticut put on them goofy as gigantic gloves. Using like like you know like the circus wherever fuck them. we're fights they have them stupid. Jagged benet still knockout vs oil for a quick plain view tour. That was cocaine. Trt talk because you're bugging you think you could j. Paul i understand can nilo cannella come on man. You beat up holyfield. You beat up a vendor holyfield who had no business in the rain cocaine. A v tour nieces. Just take whatever money gonna give him to fight. Oscar de la hoya. Yes and that's it 'cause that was the fight that was originally supposed to be there. He's going to lose that fight but take whatever payday is there and then shelter for galway. Skram dodd is no reason. Few challenge the greatest fighter in the world. Like come on man stargate. They were damn. You're begging jake paul comeback. They didn't cute twenty five million. You'll get twenty five mil. You could barely feel. let's keep it up. Holyfield fought in this fight because he was going to sue trailer because they wouldn't pay him. You know got twenty five mill to pay whoever the fuck you don't got twenty five mill to pay a kamilo thirty mil whatever you have. Twenty-five melts pay. Jake paul jake. Paul went to showtime for a reason he knows your box. He knows what you got outside of versus. You only got shit. You're hurting to bake -til themo in this fight. As on a monday we saw no paper views. No it's it's ugly right now for them. It's ugly right now. I don't want to say more s- growth and other fight real fight oscar valdez on. Espn plus we had him. We haven't i mean we have taught boxing a week we'd have asked about that has failed a test for banned substance diuretic a week before scheduled fight they decided to the wbz deciding to let him so fight. Their shipping for the belt on the commission in arizona which was on a reservation and native american reservation decided to let him continue to fight. Defend that title after that and hear what hell fight in that against robeson concessao. Like cool rosen. Was a i.

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