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No he does like a moderate like he's an older count who reeves other coun raves kind of rehabilitated himself with john wick and stuff yeah he kind of went into the dark side and it's working for him he should have been the young darth vader who that would've worked actually a new bill and ted i hope so i think they are i believe i'm getting not heads in the those guys yeah same guys i don't know why originally esquire yeah right but yeah that's where i i heard that number one the most overrated underpaid no talent ask clown adam sandler i you had two good movies way back in the day billy madison and what was the other happy you'll nappy gill mr deeds mister deeds sucked it became a big daddy no it became a script him and his friends and make the same fucking movie with a different name that's all he's done in this yard remake now what does he do he makes these stupid like movies for kids with david spade nobody fucking cares man he he's not even actor he's like a chubby guy in cargo shorts and a jersey running around it's probably why i relate i hate i love adam sandler i can't believe you you my love his movie if chris farley hadn't died no one would know who adam sandler is boy what the waterboy is excellent i can't use i got a wooden spoon yeah that's him in real life he didn't have to act and stop trying to play football like you were not athletic stotts why i keep saying like if i were an actor i'd probably be adam sandler.

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