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That strikes me as pretty real what we've seen from him the first couple starts guy who has always seemed to have potential as potential for this club and so it's great to see him off to a strong start especially with everything he's been through tommy john surgeries myrlie career and then battling to stickler cancer last year how motivated was eat it to come in here and really put all that at versity kind of gain from that adversity and have a strong season yeah i think it matters to him he doesn't want to be defined by the things that have held that you know he never liked being tommy john guy he did not like being the testicular cancer guy last season he did not like using has an excuse for this rebels that he had in the second half and you know he's he's perfectly willing to embrace the struggles that he's had as far as using the miss lessons and ways to impact the community and whatnot especially what we saw last year with the outreach that he did following the cancer diagnosis but he wants to put that behind him and he's he's tired of talking about potential town is one of the most up front and thoughtful players that you'll probably come across especially for a young guy and you know he talked about when he made his debut he's tired of being a prospect now he's tired of talking about potential he's tired of talking about that luck and he wants to put it all together and you know he's definitely got the mental makeup anybody who knows what agree to the top of the rotation guy he's got the stuff was number two overall draft for a reason so you know i think there are going to be bumps in the road but this is sort of tile and having the first real.

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