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Dennis Prager here just talking to you about heather McDonald speech at the Colgate a believer was and where she was shouted down and lo and behold I got heather McDonald hi heather Hey Dennis how are you I'm pretty good my country's in trouble but I'm pretty good well and worse and worse it seems that way what Y. E. E. O. R. as decent mild mannered fact based human as I have ever had the privilege of meeting what is that I was gonna say why did do you attract screamers and haters and then I realize maybe that's exactly why absolutely they've not experienced back up to this point to contradict their favorite identity which is victim victim hood oppression there's this college students are surrounded by a group of codependent adult whose very livelihoods depend on brainwashing students into thinking of themselves with the press so if they need somebody who says you're not oppressed by race you're not oppressed by sex you're not victims of a campus rape epidemic you females have complete agency to decide whether you get involved in a drunken hook up or not this challenges there at this point very reason for being and they become a snarling mob now when I go to college campuses Ben Shapiro goes I I know obviously my own audiences because our army but I've seen bands on YouTube and a lot of the students I'm there to support me or support him do you get support or mostly antagonism well what I've experienced recently is the protest mob deliberately tries to fill the entire auditorium to prevent anybody who is sympathetic it at Holy Cross they filled it and then marched out as I was talking about renaissance humanism nobody else was allowed back in to fill the empty seats so they did a very good job of preventing other people from hearing may I do get they sort of margins on the interstices a few students to come up and and whisper thank you so much we're grateful for you to be here but the the protest efforts are damn successful and and Colgate presented a really interesting twist this it was it was the most really an emblem of the close mindedness of students the call to action to summon these protesters suggested that students show up put headphones on bring a book by their most favorite radical author do you homework sit there not listening be it may be in the audience but but definitely do not listen to what I have to say it's no surprise that their questions were completely off the wall and had nothing to do with anything I said during my speech all all right hang hang on with me Donald of the Manhattan institute's city journal the most important writers in America today to go and say there is not a rape epidemic on campuses elicits the reaction that you were just the that you've just heard what is our story okay what is it what is our story time wise I can continue with your didn't hear that good R. I can continue with you heather so I I think **** so is that what happened they sat there with with headphones yeah they've been there yeah I have had phones you know pretending not to listen now I suspect they were actually listening and some people didn't have they had such but there definitely were some others stood up on the stage with a few very large banners that they very noisily unfurled that made out of paper with Spanish slogans about you know we will overcome it and I don't know I couldn't reach them that probably there's no people are legal or something like that the usual open borders tried but once the question answer period began the students were just a unified mob of resentment contempt derision and and their response to my view of look at our people deserve due process I'm gonna make no presumptions about who is it was not a survivor about campus rape until I know the facts and if you were ever accused of a crime you would hope for that neutral tribunal and the opportunity to provide facts yourself this just provoke the most outraged yeah well that's what's most that's that's what I want to deal with that when we come back heather McDonald just poke at the Colgate University Dennis Prager here reminding you about the three week quickstart now this is a very important to offer that really factor makes and I I don't know anything in the frankly fully analogous to it at and that is if in fact if in fact you do not have this work for you in three weeks it will work for you so that you see the speed with which they are so sure it will work and you're not lead on nineteen dollars and ninety five cents try it please read the testimonials relief factor dot com eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four relief factor.

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