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I endured corrobos rolled with earl weaver. Yes so. I'm sure we'll throw that up let you. Maybe we'll throw that up. Who is that v. Who is that fourth for baltimore. Because i feel like i just want to give an honorable mention to adam jones. Adam jones another mike people people also say manny. You know people will say if you're going best. I think manny is mainly may be the most talented overall but yeah again. Obviously people are sour on him. Because he's not here anymore. He didn't hustle blah blah blah. You know and all that. But like i if managed state a couple more years i guarantee you. There would be people and it's definitely reasons he buys that would pick him over brooks or someone like that but adam jones one hundred percent has to be mentioned to again. There's a boo powell. More peace derek. Jeter like that guy slings barbecue on utah street and all the barbecue. Rick dempsey is is another guy. Eighty three world series. Mvp another character calling up the white house town. Send the russians. They need more backup and stuff. They beat the phillies and the eighty three world series. They like you said the oil we don't we don't really have the winds they don't have the stats right now. But some of the guys that are up for this you know they were one of the best franchise for years and years and years and i think they have the names for this mount rushmore debate. You may take this mount rushmore and put it up against the yankees the dodgers and some of those and and named for name. I mean i think they held. I think they held the weights. Won't resume for sure. I think rings earrings. Not so much. I think there are a little light in the the jewelry category but yeah the names and the resumes i think he. You gotta respect it. You're gonna red hot orioles takes before we let you go. I think they should look into signing. Cedric mullins i know everyone's favourite oil. Stud i'm upset them at harvey's twenty one and two and two thirds in scoreless innings streak got snapped last night in that laugher a game hopefully take three the road. The sixty marches on. And you know yeah. I mean how we feel about that right now. What you sitting at thirty eight wins or twenty two months. What real conversation. What would they have to go with game reading. Get to sixty. Obviously they need twenty two wins twenty two and cheese. Now you're gonna make me do math. I'm trying to look up twenty well. Thirty eight and sixty nine right now. They ended the season with just a sixty nine losses. I wouldn't be upset that the milestone lost last night but now like i said the road is sixty marches on we could be. We could be talking. I mean they were hot out of the gate out of the all star break you know on the back of homerun runner-up trae manzini dallas Jared you guys were there. You saw that person but again. I mean if if they're like they were after the all-star break we may be talking road the sixty five or seventy. I don't want to you know. I don't wanna get too excited. But seventy i think could happen. I would. i wouldn't get too excited all right. Well already t thank you for joining us for the orioles. Mount rushmore good to have you my man good to see you. Steve is a pleasure boys. I think i'm going to be ripped cards later. Saturday national baseball car day. It is thinking we may. We may have to dive back in. We We should do something for it. Just a little teaser. I don't know maybe you. And i can talk about this. We can drop this here all star or excuse. Me mvp announcement. I'm gonna be box of the two thousand eighteen tops chrome all right. Well we'll have to work on something. We'll work on some with that. Yes stay tuned awesome. Thank you boys later. Red sox again fucking smoke dry now seven. Nothing just absolutely drubbed right now. Drubbed by the tigers. Chris cast yanni just dancing on your grave right now. Na he to see that. Hate to see that i don't love it. You know what you need you need. Dr sheffield's natural toothpastes dirty filthy disgusting taste of the tigers out of your mouth right now at sheffield so the second half of the season. Either way you're going to need some certified natural toothpaste and dr sheffield's is the certified natural toothpaste of the boston. Red sox dr sheffield's it tastes. Great fact removes stains. Whiten your teeth. Naturally about that doesn't contain anything artificial nothing or any other of that bad stuff that many other toothpaste throw in there. Not dr sheffield and with doctorship builds..

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