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Area has been made safer for Cruz. Surfside mayor says the search and rescue effort is more active than ever have. The equipment is now fully engaged in able to navigate over the entire site, where before they were very limited, the number of people hospitalized with Covid in the Missouri area has jumped almost 27%. And over the Fourth of July weekend vaccination rates there are low, the delta variant is spreading quickly. Ashleigh Kimberling facade with Cox Health. We've been kind of staying at a census of around 95 205 Covid patients for about two weeks. Now, when you compare the fact that on June 5th we were at 35 patients, it's a pretty extraordinary increase. They don't take up much of the earth space. But new research shows cities make a massive contribution to pollution. CBS's Jim Chris Ulla Urban areas worldwide generated a third of global greenhouse gases. According to a new study by researchers in France and Italy. Those urban areas accounted for just 1% of the global surface. Israel's parliament has failed to renew a controversial law that prevents Arab citizens from extending citizenship to Palestinian spouses. CBS is Robert Berger is in Jerusalem, Canada. Indian, the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett blasted the right wing opposition for rejecting a law it once supported. The vote highlights the fragility of the new government, which for the first time includes Israeli error. Soccer fans will be back in full force in the UK next season..

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