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Getting member mtv rolled out do you remember that kind of yeah that was like when they started doing head bangers ball again i remember going to france house add mt two on and i saw two doesn't arose my first exposure to both these bands it was killed switching gauge yellow coldplay okay anymore arm scissor at the drive in oh shit back to back and i was like well i like both these things i'm gonna what about myself right thank you tv to roll this and then kills gauge came on that was like that's me another person toilet another black person weighing like black socks and they said you look somebody i just cut to the chase kills gauge and then i like seeing to them more all right hello and welcome to that awful sound my name is alexander edward and i'm your host and this is the show all about the music he liked before you knew any better the music you always knew better than to like and if there's time some you still kind of like welcome back folks it's great to be here had a bit of a vacation i i hope you stuck around it didn't think just stopped making episodes like i did two years ago no we're we're doing it we're still doing it in here to do it with me is michael matchbox mikey goo muneo all yeah what what do we said i think we settle on matchbox yeah michael matchbox moon knows how you knew buddy i'm good in glad me back in the saddle again yeah definitely isn't the again redundant in that song yeah yeah like you're not backing the settle for the first time that would be a logical yeah it would be like sister act two back in the habit again why gin it would be like back to the future to would make no sense whatsoever and be a total failure also join us is a weird way of saying that sentence tony tebas boswell how you doing buddy good feeling a little creepy because of the subject matter for now just because tlc jokes got you talking about like the the creepy lyrical content tonight's episode in saudi and soft this fuck because i mean i'm looking over you total scrub here so not following suit with the rest of their discography so that's why didn't get the facts it's not like he called you tony left eye boswell because that would be weirder no why why because she's it'd be like a spooky that's kind of what you're saying so you just in general just tlc we decided that tebas like the least harmless them the least harmless most awful teapot sorry the most no you're right the lease police harmful of all of them 'cause i mean i don't think she burn anyone's houses and she didn't i mean he's still alive right yeah like ghosts heavy repower 's arson like an arsonist zombie and the other kind haunt you haunt you till your dying day so yeah tebas just crazy sexy cool that's why it's like me also check out the new episode of minion death cult depart cast that i host with tony boswell all about politics filtered through internet comments and laughably written op eds on cnn dot com or fox news we're talking all about alexandria casio's cortez's massive win in new york city on behalf of the dasa and corporate media doesn't like that very much and a lot of other people are just pretty confused about the whole thing it's a fun time minion death cult so yeah thanks for sticking with us listeners thanks for trusting that the show would be back ineffective i do want to apologize for the delay in the bonus episode this month i haven't been feeling too great have been fairly overwhelmed with other things going on in my life and that was one of the reasons for taking this two week break and i was able to book a lot of shows in advance but i was not able to get anybody in the last two weeks to do a bonus episode with me but that will be happening as soon as possible and you'll still get your july bonus episode on top of that just nailing.

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