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The reason I love it is it goes back to a very old story about the Greek painter apelles. Who loved when he was having an exhibition of his works. He loved to kind of hide around the corner and listen to what observers of his painters were saying. You know, he was quite proud and presumably wanted to hear some girls been awe and wonder. Only one day he heard a man criticize the sandals on the subject of this particular painting. And then went on to criticize the leg and the shape of the leg and the angle and things. Now peli's happened to know that this man was a cobbler. So he could accept the criticism of the saddles because he knew what he was talking about. But when this man started to criticize the leg that was enough, so apparently he came out and he said, nay ultra crepidam. And he said it in Greek. This is how it's recorded in Latin. Nate ultra crepidam means not beyond the soul, in other words, don't talk about anything other than shoes, which is what you know about as a cobbler because this is not your area of expertise. And so ultra crepe da, meaning beyond the soul is someone who does exactly that. They just love to spout off on subjects they really don't know anything about. Isn't that great? I love that word. It is a word and I'm afraid I am familiar with it because you've used it to me on a number of occasions, and I felt it's been a little bit too near the knuckle. Oh, I'm so sorry. Two near the sandal. We do have some lovely letters though from our purple people. Oh, we're going to move on to the letters already. Look. What do you think? We're going to talk about these phrases then on our special bonus episodes. And where do people get the bonus episodes if they want them?

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