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Time to come out of the tunnel on campus conversation some items the pass along that would file under the least surprising news of the week peters last name is burns mcgee rights for espn a at tom jurij has been fired louisville well i'm sorry i doubt oppressed wasn't ready for that other you know i'll advice for that breaking news a low level made it official attend to three vote by the school's board of trustees the decision to fire jurij comes two days after the schools athletics board voted to fire rick pitino both were placed on administrative leave in late september as a result of that fbi ongoing investigation look george accomplished a lot mcgee joy the acc in 2014 three years after failing to get into the big 12 renovations improvements to pop johns cardinal stadium other their undergoing more a stadium expansion as well the question the football question of this is what does this mean for bobby patry know now that tom girich is out there why i think the ice gutter but it just depends on who obviously comes in now but but listen if you go on that campus were just talking about when you go on the campus in you feel the vibe if you're on campus twenty five years ago walkout was or twenty years ago or ten years ago when you go there now it's very obvious when the 80s do a great job because the carter construction cranes are out in the crowd is what it is in the building looks different all those things but sometimes while you're worried about all that other stuff.

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