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Time or was truly just the funniest lady on the block with their friends. Shoes like man. I would love to fuck firemen and prove it. She's like I'm Gonna I'M GONNA call them over that you bet you all tell me. Your pussies on fire. Your worst can tell me now so back there as long as she doesn't make it like yeah one thing. I think it's funny initially once in a while. Yeah he's a taxpayer. Well that one was hilarious guys but this next one submitted by dingoes dog on twitter is not so we all know that Florida has gators. But did you know that? South Carolina is also chock full of the American alligator which can reach lengths of fifteen feet. Most people I think do know didn't do that because of this show. I've done research basically from Texas all the way over to Florida deep South. My Bro- in-laws my brother-in-law's from South Carolina and they used to have a have to keep a keen eye on their little dog because they lived on on little dogs. We get eaten all the time up there and they can reach gene feet for for males. So it's fucking dinosaur in the water with huge teeth capable of killing just about anything you can throw at them in America and their pussies are on fire humans and unfortunately for yeah. Yeah now there are no one unfortunately for one fifty eight year old woman Cynthia covert who is trying to get close to one of these giant specimens on Kiawah island in South Carolina That's the allegation. Did the allegation took her down So holy fuck so kilter. Yeah the story is is manicurist was visiting. A friend's house do our nails and acting very strange and much. Calmer and relaxed more than usual. According to our friend some maybe she was on some pills. Who knows maybe like or Zanex something like that? And so when she she was she spotted. The gator outside and start walking towards it and they were like no that that gator literally took a deer down in the exact same spot just a few days before she didn't care she said what do. I don't look like a deer. So she kept going. She's got about four feet from the gator at snatched her up. Yeah snatcher up carried into the water. Her dragged her into the water. Friends say that she did not even make a sound as the gator dragged her in. So that's fucking creepy and disturbing what that what the Hell Holdover? Yeah but she also I associated shop pop and and people went and they went and got shovels and they tried to beat beat. The gator was shovels to get it out and it couldn't do it and she's she's quoted as saying the only thing that they quoted as saying is I guess I'll never do this again and then dragged under again and then to what what. Why are you bringing in? Never do this again. After she popped out she was like wastewater water waist deep. She could and she didn't. She didn't try to walk away but she was like all like lucid. Like I'm GonNa Patent Alligator and then like. I guess I'll never do that again. About what. What amazing insight for her last words? Yeah that's west. What the hell are you doing bringing in stories from not Florida sucking sat? Well I know this this one near and dear to my heart because I also had curiosity to go gator. No no a little less extreme but when I was ten I had not gotten stung by a bee at my friends had in the neighborhood so I was curious. Be Out on my deck and he was just waiting there so I put my finger on his button got stung and I said Ow and started crying and I guess I'll never do that again. But several right like a bad idea still alive. Lucky a little bit bigger. That's been like a theme for you mark. You know you neighbor got blow job. And then you're like exactly deputies. Shoot the gator to get the woman from it's jaws and she died at the hospital later from from drowning. They also had are going to kill the alligator than so sad story. Don't don't don't pet John Alligators people. It's bad idea This last one is just incredible from Jack Ballast. So this show stories. I guess now that was the best ones much better this is. This is the best story fast. Lightning round is incredible. This was frequently this thanking Jack. Guys alcohol's a powerful demon. I think we all know that from experience. It's lures strong and relentless in for some Called severe alcoholics. The desire to get more of the glorious substance can make you do some crazy things like one modesto man who took his addiction to new heights and one. I'm about to tell you is is is all captured on Dash Cam. You can wash it on video and we'll post in the blog So I man was driving down the highway through Modesto he flags over a tanker carrying bulk wine big mill truck. But it's full of wine right. Probably the kind you put in boxes yeah giant giant. Bota box so essentially he puts on down the tanker of course pulls next to him on the on the on the highway shoulder like what the fuck is wrong with this guy. The Guy Jumps out of his car. He's only wearing underwear. He like books. That back around the tanker and disappears truck. Guy Just has no idea where he is so he's like all right. This is fucking lunatic is gone. So he starts drive back onto the highway. Then he sees in his other. Mir The guy running from the side latching onto the tanker just holding on like he's like in like speed or something like time crews exactly on exactly on the back of the body. How how long was this guy? Following the trump.

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