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They weren't able to make trade already but certainly If anybody should be traded in a quarterback before the season it's the chicago bears and nick full so agree one hundred percent. I think we'll see. I mean the garoppolo thing is fascinating because i i agree with you like i do. Think the niners in their heart of hearts. Want to start jimmy garoppolo in two thousand twenty one but you go through history jimmy garoppolo as the starter for his team in september week one four times. He's made it out of september without getting injured once That's scary. And i think the the worst case scenario for the niners that they keep jimmy garoppolo around they pay him the twenty five million dollars and he starts to games go to trae lance anyway Not as maybe the most likely outcome given his history so This very fast in a game of chicken to me Happening with an irish. But i think you made a really good point when it comes to. Who's getting wraps and what that means and High i would expect to me garoppolo at this point to be the week. One starter for the san francisco. Forty niners unless they get crazy train offer. Maybe that'll happen. I don't know but a lot to happen. Still in the weeks to come before the season begins and doug you'll be covering the nfl season on the whole. What will you be doing for pro football. Focus this year and how people check it out. Yeah i will be reporting on all of the biggest stories In the nfl this year. I'll be reading a lot of features on this week. I've got something coming on. Alex highsmith is a really interesting. Second year breakout potential player for the steelers Just trying to write as many interesting stories as possible so check that out on. Pf dot com. Follow me on twitter. At doug guide me ari mayorov and brad spiel. Burger are going to be doing a twitter. Qna every monday around noontime on periscope. Certainly watch that. And i think if all goes as planned next week i'll be checking out some other training camps on the west coast so watch out for that as well. We'll duck. thank you so much for coming on the show today. Thank you very much for me build. This was a lot of fun. All right thanks so much as always to my friend. Kyd approachable focus. Checkout doug work. That did excellent work covering the patriots pastor years. Thank he's gonna do. Great work on the national beat for pf f. as well. I actually off next week but we will have more audio coming into weeks. Finally getting to preseason interesting stuff happening weird trade requests. Michael thomas all kinds of fascinating things happening in the nfl every single week. Plenty of contract still to come. We'll break down all that and preview the twenty twenty one regular season which is several weeks away. Now i believe one two three four weeks and one day away as i record this regular season. We'll begin talking about here on the bill barnwell show thanks so much for listening and more audio on the way in a couple of weeks..

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