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He must have pissed you off somehow. Somehow he said something. No, for sure. Dude, like before, when he was like the champion of the world, like the undisputed, like the greatest fighter, whatever. We had trained together at ATT and I saw him in Vegas for one of my fights. I was going to fight my pile, it was like my third UFC fight. And I saw Matt and he came in like the lobby of the MGM where we were fighting at and like a couple fans were taking pictures. I was like, yo, what up Matt? And he act like he didn't even know me in front of the fans. He actually like, he was too good. Like he was the best thing in the world, like his sliced bread. And I was just like, you know what? Do your fake, man. You're not even a real guy, man. You're not even a humble down to earth person. So, you know, I don't like one day, you're going to get hit by a train, and then I'm going to call you out. Was that the moment? That you thought of yourself, like when he distributed, do you have like a list of why did he get hit by a train though? Adam, did he not try and commit suicide because there's a lot of people that think that allegedly. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of conspiracies. I don't know. I wish Matthews well, I just thought it was just what it was predict. Anyway, back to the okay, so also back to how much pussy you get. Also, I was talking to one of the coaches from Oklahoma state. The guy that beat Ben Askren twice. I always fuck up his name. And the NCAA finals, and he was the assistant coach at OKC. He said he recruited you to go to Oklahoma state. They wanted to be there. They gave you a scholarship. They brought you in and you didn't get along with anybody on the team. And they took the scholarship away. On the recruiting trip, which is like the time you want, what the fuck, what did you do? I wouldn't say that story is entirely accurate, but there is some truth to it. There's some truth to it, but you know, I just didn't mesh with the wrestlers. I've never really meshed with my teammates. I'm always friendly and stuff, but I have my own focus and, you know, I have my own thoughts and like, you know, I have my own journey and my own way. So I think back in stillwater, Oklahoma, I just, some of the fighters, they were cowboys. My hicks and they wanted to drink and they wanted to get rowdy and do this. I just wasn't down with that, man..

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