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News I'm joyous Snyder Tens of thousands of film and television workers won't be walking off the job after all They had been ready to strike tomorrow shutting down much of Hollywood but they no longer planned to Their union as hammered out a deal with studios and producers as empires mentally to barco reports The international alliance of theatrical stage employees represent cinematographers editors makeup artists visual effects crews even the people who feed the casts and crews As many as 60,000 workers in all They were prepared to go on strike but their new three year contract with the alliance of motion picture and television producers includes improved and retroactive wages increased meal penalties and daily and weekend rest periods Ayaz's president Matt Loeb said this is a Hollywood ending The tentative agreement still needs to be ratified by the union's members Mandali del barco NPR news Los Angeles Jury selection is set to begin tomorrow for the trial of three white men accused of chasing and killing Ahmad Arbery The 25 year old black man who was shot while jogging in a coastal Georgia neighborhood in early 2020 from member station WAB in Atlanta Lisa Hagen reports 1000 potential jury members have been summoned for the trial in Glenn county Georgia That's about ten times the average Court officials hope the large number will meet the challenge of seating a jury of 12 people who don't know the defendants or the victim and haven't made up their mind about the case Father and son Greg and Travis mcmichael are charged with murder along with their neighbor William roddy Bryan who filmed the deadly encounter defense attorneys say the shooting was in self defense For NPR news I'm Lisa Hagen in Atlanta Overseas police in the UK are questioning the suspect and Friday's murder of a longtime lawmaker under British terrorism laws but the 25 year old is not yet in charge David Amos was stabbed to death during a meeting with constituents the government says its considering a number of options to boost security for lawmakers Meanwhile every ambulance service in the UK now at the highest level of alert there's been an unprecedented surge in emergency cases to at least in part to.

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