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Fast. However, you feel about this topic. I know that that I I I think it's I I see how someone is out there taking advantage of a world where there are a lot of people who like to cheat. So they're making money off of it. Whether you agree with that or not that's up to you up to me to decide. I just I in my head. I don't see how the people who have started this website go to bed at night and feel good about themselves. That's all they they sleep in a very expensive bed. They do. Exactly. I'm not saying it's right at all. Right. I don't like it. But you know, when you find a something in life that needs a fix you come up with a fix, and you can become a millionaire. What's that Brody? If you want to tell you like in your town, which towns have the most cheaters which states have the most cheaters that article talks about New York, which neighborhood New York is the biggest cheaters so in New York City if you're wondering. The neighborhood with the highest number of men signing up for adultery adultery site was Chelsea. The highest number of women signing up where in Gramercy park on the flip side, they neighborhoods with most faithful. We're the least member number of residents registered was fields Filton in the Bronx. Okay for men and sheep's head bay Brooklyn for women. Oh, wow. So anyway, but scary is an interesting point about Ashley Madison. Yeah. And I hate it, by the way, I'm not for it at all. But I will tell you that a lot of people say, well, they're just creating this problem. They're creating the issue. They're not creating problems. They're actually fulfilling this need for some people that is already there, then he's already been out of business. So what's going? Maybe there's. If people want to screw up their relationships on their own go right ahead and do it. Why should someone profit from it because it's a free country? It's capitalism. It sucks. I. The same argument could be made for the cigarette. Industry's will they tell you right there on the pack. You're gonna die. We actually had a drug a drug seminar at my son's school last night. And they were saying the same thing like, you know, they putting it out there, and obviously people want it. There is a need for it, which sucks. Volumes of relationships. Does and they're making a profit very sad. But anyway, show the point we've kind of driven off the road here is for the first time women are signing up more than men. Wow. I'm shocked. Well, why are you shocked? I don't know why you know. I mean, I guess everybody. If you're gonna cheat doesn't matter what sex you are. They everybody, you know. But I don't know. I'd like to hear the reasoning straight Nate, why do you why do you think more women than men are the numbers of women are rising faster on Ashley Madison from women than men? I think there's I think because of the data breach people might be scared to sign up, right? Women don't believe in data breach. No. I'm just saying. I think maybe guys are more leery to do. So I don't know. I I think I hate to say this is think women wanna cheat. Sometimes just as much as men maybe women women think that their husbands are cheating. And so they sign up to catch them. Oh. Very difficult to do. Let's talk to Christine. Hi, christine. Hi, how are you? I'm doing. Well, what is your thought? Here. I actually on the way playing house, Dan yell. You wonder if women are signing up in fear that they're gonna find their husbands on their. And that's why all these women are now on the website to say, okay. I'm not saying there's no way that could be a bit. Let's assume for a moment that more women than men are signing it because more women than men are ready to have an extramarital affair. If that's the case why is that now and not a year ago or two years ago? I think that's what I'm asking. What is different now than two years ago? Ashley Madison's been around for years has been and this is the first time Christine the reporting that it's more women than men that are active on the site. So maybe if the can't beat them join them. All.

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