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President Trump, Rex Tillerson, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Ethan at Night


One five eight ten follow me on Twitter. Samir tweets out, Ethan Bearman. We just got that news from CNN about what? Remainder giuliani. Trump's attorney said. Excuse me in in. I just want to repeat this again according to Giuliani. Investigators told Manafort they don't believe that the president did not know about twenty sixteen Trump Tower meeting that Manafort attendant down from junior, Jared, Kushner, and a Russian attorney would promise the dirt that is a big revelation. That is a big deal. The Giuliani is saying this to CNN, and we're waiting for Muller's new revelations on Manafort, and Cowan that's supposed to be coming out anytime now soon as we have it. We will share it with you. And then I'm going to share with you in just a moment. Former secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave an interview to CBS news. Bob Schieffer that I thought was. Wild in. What in what Rex Tillerson said because it's telling in light of all of these investigations. All of it. Four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Deborah in Petaluma, Deborah, you're on KOA, Tim with Ethan Bearman. Hello, deborah. Debra. So one of the reasons I bring up before we go to the sound bite of Rex Tillerson. I say that if the Republicans have any honesty, integrity, consistency of any form, which I questioned nowadays. I really do then they will fully support. If President Trump did not tell the truth about his knowledge. About the Trump Tower meeting, which so far, I don't believe he did based on this. If that holds to be true which were gonna soon find out he will be impeached because remember the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the forty second prison. The United States of America back in one thousand nine hundred eight by the Republican led house of representatives led to a trial in the Senate. The two charges were very easy. One was perjury. The other was obstruction of Justice. He lied about having sex. With Monica Lewinsky, it wasn't even it didn't even have to do with Paula Jones, the topic of the trial. So he lied about that he lied about having sex with Monica Lewinsky, and they claimed that through so those are two charges perjury and obstruction of Justice that is why Bill Clinton was impeached. What we're doing with President Trump is way more serious. Interferes by a foreign power in a US election. Felonies. And that's conspiracy. These are way more serious charge at a minimum should be impeached by the house if that is true. Adam minimum. All right. So Rex Tillerson. Former secretary of state under President Trump is first secretary of state. Even interview with CBS news is Bob Schieffer and. I want you to hear this because. If again, what Rex Tillerson is saying is true, which I have actually of all people Rex Tillerson is not shown himself to be a liar. A manipulator of any kind. I just isn't true. He's I just don't see it. So take a listen to this little soundbite from former secretary of State, Rex Tillerson his interview with CBS news. Bob Schieffer, listen to this. Most of you probably know no some of this. But I had never met Donald Trump until the day. He asked me to be secretary of state. He acts on his instincts in some respects that looks like impulsiveness, but it's not as intent to act on impulse. I think he really is trying to act on his instincts was challenging for me coming from the disciplined, highly process oriented, Exxon Mobil, corporation to go to work for a man, who is pretty undisciplined. Doesn't doesn't like to read doesn't read briefing reports doesn't doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things. But rather? Just kind of says, look, this is what I believe. Okay. So it doesn't get into any detail. I thought he was going to be the hardest. I just want to go back to some of the promised during the campaign. And I think it's important because I really believe that a lot of Trump supporters thought he was telling the truth about this that he would be the hardest working president. He'd be working would never take vacation time. He was very critical of President Obama playing golf he's gone golfing more than I in one year in in cost us the tax payer more in one year than President Obama in four years. With his trips to the white the southern White House, and what Rex Tillerson saying because of that kind of instinct, impulsive type management, of course, he could have done things like, yeah. Go ahead and have that meeting with this Russian person because I you know, whatever dirt and let me know what you find. That would be in line with that. That would be that would just that fits the narrative that fits the story that fits the style. I don't know about you. But I've known people like that. So that would be interesting. And if that's the case, then he would have lied to us and potentially to Robert Mueller. If you lied rubber molar that is perjury. That's a felony actually perjury to the grand jury is as well. But it's much more serious when it's to the FBI that is an automatic federal felony. So I to me that's impeachment right there. If that holds to be true, I just I'm not, you know, this all the way up until the day. I I've been the guy saying we got nothing tie in it here. I don't see a time back to President Trump until Rudy Giuliani. Just told CNN what he just told them. That investigators told Paul Manafort, they don't believe that the president did not know about twenty sixteen Trump Tower meeting. That becomes a lie to federal investigators four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten Deborah in Petaluma, Deborah, you're on KGHM with Ethan Bearman. Hi, eight then, you know. President isn't impeach. Then I hope that the Republican party is damaged forever because they're they have no integrity. They they have they're not a cold in the basic laws of what they're supposed to do which is worked for the people and to have somebody in this person. That said, you know, he doesn't read and doesn't do all of these things. He's not the first the generals had set it. I mean, many people before him we've heard that. And you know, he acts from instinct instinct from what he's he he has no experience in in doing what he's doing. And he is the worst representations of any president. It was so disgusting that he showed up late, and then he stopped there with his legs spread apart as big as he could make himself with his purse in disrespect. It every single day nothing that this discussing human being done surprises me, and we already know guilty by just do not understand why we haven't brought it forward. It's beyond my comprehension. And I hope that every single person that had supported him in this presidency goes down with him. Well, it's gonna be interesting. This is this breaking news from Rudy Giuliani. Like, I said is the first time for me to start saying. Yeah, if it actually ties back to this president, then yes. Based upon the standard set nine hundred ninety eight that becomes an impeachable offense. I have not said that about this present before I've actually been adamant that there hasn't been any evidence tying back to the president until what Rudy Giuliani just told CNN. It's absolutely mind boggling to me. And we'll continue this conversation as well. Plus Trump economic advisor Steve Moore is gonna be with me and just a minute as well. Because the stock market is absolutely tanking today. That's coming up in just a moment. Four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten.

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