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You're seeing so move. I mean, you got to get into dealy here. You're either going to do what they will make the seizure. So it is what it is. What do you say cook on? I don't care. What do you say to George Saint Pierre? Who seems to be doing test cut and said that he wanted to fight the winner. Is that interests you. Yeah, see what happens. I don't think mixed up. I don't really have became for me personally. I think they will. I mean, I like a plummy ratified for the seventy pounds myself. If you had a belt there. I'd probably read it up, but I'm not gonna shoot the door on not alone, and so you know what would be a great when I missing sale? Not. Yeah. I conceive it'd be a great one. Well, it'd be interested in about really assume staged. I swear to God. Listen to the game, but he. Sure. He's breath you quit as well. I say. It was, I said, but I'd be a great position. What tweet even George? What's the difference between George same team? So I mean, I'm, I'm just I'm studying. I'm gonna fights that interests me or that have been. So. And. Taking race with free. Wow. Nate threes. You know what Arias napi as will always have a rematch off of me. No matter what happens. I will always get his rematch feeling much or give him believe. That's the way it is. What happened. I don't know whether it will happen. Thanks for about book. Put that mobile always. We will complete that trilogy wrote about it. And what about sponsors for this one? Because I know you were done with Reebok. Are you with Reebok now, do you have any other sponsors for this fight? Call today on the Reebok and the right now, where are we allowed? It's yeah, very, very, let's see what happens..

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