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Are you fine? Thank you fine. Thank you. Sorry for you've been on hold for quite a while. I appreciate it. Thank you for. Thank you for waiting. And I understand that. You had a Laura Kelly question that's been the topic of the night is the Laura Kelly question. Yes. Well, I noticed on Twitter, Laura. Kelly like a lot of post by moms demand action on gun rights. Oh, yeah. Lots of gun right's advocate pages. And I wanted to know do you feel like Laura Kelly has the support to repeal? Our current second amendment rights given to us in recent years or will she use an executive order. Well, you know, that's a darn good question. Thank you. That is a really good question during the campaign, one of the mistakes that I think both secretary coal Bach and Greg Orman made Greg Orman probably because he agreed with her. But certainly the secretary made was not asking some of these the nontraditional questions asking her more about life asking about gun rights in the Wichita eagle profile. I remember she said that she supported, quote, unquote, some restrictions on firearm rights. And though she did she voted for permit, Louis Kerry. But then again, she was against it now. So she did sort of one of those John Kerry things, you know, I'm before before I was against it type of deal. And so that's an interesting question with her. I do think as she has stated more than once. She believes that our current constitutional carry Bill went too far. She would she would absolutely sign a Bill that would that would repeal that. I think she would absolutely sign a repeal that would take away college. Carey and will give public colleges the option of prohibiting guns on campus. Now, let's not, you know, take in fact that. A young woman who's walking home from class in the late night or she's at the library. And she's heading back to her dorm. Doesn't have a right to defend herself. Apparently, Laura Kelly doesn't care about that. I I'm fairly certain that she would sign either of those and any attempt to restrict or to rollback our current second amendment rights that we've codified into law in Kansas. I think Laura Kelly would probably take every opportunity I think we've definitely seen a case with her of of bayton switch when it can't win it came to how she campaigned versus what she's going to turn out to be. So thank you for calling Laura. I appreciate that's a great question on with us. This evening now is Chuck Weber. Now, Chuck is a former state legislator. He also represented here in Wichita. But currently he now serves as the executive director of the Kansas Catholic conference and. Ironic that she asked about Laura Kelly because clearly Laura Kelly had another agenda that she didn't feature front and center during her campaign. She promised a new tone. She promised that she wouldn't be blinded by quote, unquote, partisan loyalties, but since since she has won her election. She's promised to restore LGBT protections to state employees on her first day in office, and she's threatened to block enforcement of the new adoption protection law that she and the LGBTQ community consider quote discriminatory. So you know, we knew that she would expand access to marijuana gambling. And that kind of stuff why don't think what voters expected was that? She would push a radical left wing social agenda, and I seem to recall she promising lower sales tax on food. I don't recall her ever talking about that. So I wanted to reach out to Chuck because I know that the Kansas Catholic conference was. Very instrumental in getting the adoption Protection Act passed so Chuck thank you for joining us this evening, great to be with you John in just prior to. I was in the legislature. When we pass the adoption Protection Act this last session, but the Kansas Catholic conference was front and center, they were the leaders on this from the very beginning. I have to tell you that I knew that governor elect Kelly was going to take Kansas to the left. But I personally was shocked when I heard the news and then saw the the tape the video of her news conference where she said, basically, I'm going to direct my staff on how not to follow the law this law. So just imagine if we would have passed a law. I mean, I don't know just pick something about a speed limit or taxes or something and say, you know, I know that it was passed the legislature. The way democracy works at fifty percent, plus one and the governor signed it into law, and we're not going to follow that law. And so I think. She was pretty clear about opposing the Dopson Protection Act during the debate. What really stunned me in? I think a lot of other people is so we're not even going to enforce something that was you know, legally and lawfully signed into as a statute right because she doesn't like it. Right. And so I am digging in my heels in my colleagues in the honorable men that I worked for the bishop's of Kansas. We're digging in aren't heels and say this has been passed, and we would like you as the duly elected governor of Kansas to enforce the law. It's just as simple as that. Well, and passed by both chambers. That's not an easy thing to do now and signed by governor. That's right. So, and you know, and I it's the law. I mean, I mean, I don't know how else to say it, you know, so well, and it's as much as I may pick on some of our colleagues who don't necessarily vote as g I don't vote like they'd want me to and they didn't vote like I don't vote like they want me to and cetera. But they've a lot of them voted for this. There are a lot of our colleagues who were more moderate Republicans who still felt like this was an opportunity to defend and to protect children, right? And they're and they're keeping their options. Available to them. This is nothing about being discriminatory. This is just about protecting access to as many adoption providers as possible. Well, let me just take a second just to explain this for just a moment. Because I think there's a lot of misinformation. Maybe maybe I should just say lies about the adoption protection. Act. All it does is protect faith based agencies like Catholic charities and other Christian agencies from doing what they've always done, which is follow their deeply held religious beliefs and place children in homes with a married mom and dad period. That's all it does. So I mean under this law. The pope couldn't even. Adopt a kid in Kansas. I mean, it's it's nothing discriminatory against LGBTQ or single people or people living together who are married. I mean, it's just allowing the what the Catholic church, and what did you Deo Christian ethic says kids do best in a home with a married mom and dad, and we want to just continue to exercise our first amendment rights, our freedom of religion and continue to place these children in homes with a married mom and dad period end of story. I mean, really, but it's been blown up into this sort of craziness that I mean, really, it's a very simple reasonable law. We know that another states like New York in Illinois in San Francisco that there's another ideology being imposed upon faith-based adoption agencies like Catholic charities and this whole notion of live and let live. Is now out the window. It's like unless you do things the way we want them done unless you live your life and conduct your business. The way we wanted done then you are a bigot. And you're discriminating against us. I'm talking about the LGBTQ community. And so this is something that I think is it's a very much a Kansas value. And we're going to continue to fight to preserve that as well. We should you're listening to the John Whitmer show on ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K S S. We'll be right back. Cayenne s s it. Oh,.

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