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Several cities are taking extra steps to keep their Thanksgiving Day parade safe Many have added security and roadblocks in the wake of Wisconsin's tragedy on Sunday a driver ran through the barricades and into a crowd killing 6 people and injuring 62 others New York is one example where police have gone all out to keep fans safe at the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade The prey is started up and those who don't have cable can also watch it live on the peacock streaming service Three defendants convicted of killing Ahmed Aubrey are headed to prison Dan shenan reports After ten hours of deliberations madam foreperson I understand you have reached a verdict as to each defendant All three defendants charged in the death of ahmaud Arbery learn their fate Jurors returned guilty verdicts in the 2020 murder of the unarmed black man who was jogging through a Brunswick Georgia neighborhood when his encounter with the defendants began sentencing will take place later date 18 people have been injured after a tour bus collided head on with a sedan north of Honolulu 7 crash victims were taken to hospitals for with serious injuries their ages range from 15 to 39 Americans will be spending another Thanksgiving in the midst of a pandemic and hard hit Michigan doctor Justin's kerensky says healthcare professionals are bracing We know that Thanksgiving probably won't do us any favors in terms of the COVID numbers We're hoping to surge doesn't get so high that we can't handle the numbers here The nation's top infectious disease expert doctor Anthony Fauci is encouraging folks who've been vaccinated to enjoy the holiday safely and says you can even ditch the masks around vaccinated family members The parents of a California teenager are suing a high school and a Catholic diocese over alleged football hazing They say their son suffered brain damage during a ritual known as bodies as were two players fight until one gives up but the lawsuit claims the fight went too far and no one from modern day high school stepped in to stop it I'm Michael castner The Biden administration reportedly plans to offer COVID-19 vaccines to migrants who enroll in the Trump era remain in Mexico policy the President Biden is restarting Thomas reports News website axios cites two government officials who said the administration will offer vaccines to migrants seeking asylum in El Paso and Brownsville Texas as well as in San Diego Axios reports the policy could go back into effect as soon as next week I'm Trey Thomas Procter & Gamble is recalling two brands of aerosol deodorant More from Brian shook Officials say their voluntarily recalling certain old spice and secret spray on antiperspirants because benzene was detected The chemical has been linked to certain cancers although a representative for the Cincinnati based business says no problems are anticipated given the small level of benzenes that's in the deodorants Customers who purchase products shouldn't use them but return them for a full refund I'm Bryan shook A man has been sentenced to death in North Korea for smuggling in copies of the hit Netflix series squid game More from Mark Mayfield Authorities allegedly caught high school students watching the show with sources saying it was smuggled in from China on USB drives The smuggler faces death by firing squad while 6 students who watched the series have been sentenced to 5 years hard labor Teachers and school administrators have also been fired and faced banishment to work in remote mines Veterans soap actor Steve Burton has played Jason Morgan for 29 years on general hospital he confirmed news on his Instagram that he has been fired Unfortunately general hospital has let me go because of the vaccine mandate He says he's firm and his position This is also about personal freedom to me I don't think anybody should lose their livelihood over this Burton doesn't rule out a return to the soap when the mandates are lifted fellow actor ingle raw democracy is also off the show after he rejected the mandate I'm Michael kassner And doctor D's Pellegrini in the Bloomberg news term And we're watching Europe this hour closely sources telling us the ECB is now actually eyeing possible limits on some other riskiest parts of bank lending to indebted companies But the sources do also say that some ECB board members are reluctant to impose curves like that at this time And right now the footsie in the UK it is up about two tons of a percent the decks in Germany up about a tenth of a percent and the cat in Paris up about two tenths of a percent Crude oil futures are slightly lower And Damien corville and head of energy research at Goldman Sachs as the Biden administration should actually be letting oil prices rise to spark more production instead of releasing more reserves to keep oil prices in the U.S. down Well we really need is aggregate supply to rise further to meet what is still relatively good oil demand right We're back to pre COVID level growth in the global economy international travel push demand to record highs next year of the year after that So we truly need that CAPEX increase That's pretty what we're solving for One gets producers to spend more And indeed just as correlating suggests at these lower prices U.S. shale explorers are actually showing very little sign of accelerating the pace of deploying for drilling rigs and we get more on that part of the story from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet That's despite criticism from the Biden administration that they're holding back on production to the detriment of consumers according to weekly baker Hughes data the number of rigs drilling for crude and U.S. fields rose by 6 to 467 this week It is the second consecutive month that operators added 23 drilling rigs suggesting that explorers are more interested in growing production slowly and steadily than in heating the administration's call for more supply All right thank you Charlie Global news 24 hours a day Honored on Bloomberg 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