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Finding relief and getting back to your life. Call 888 Surgery or visit innovative G y n dot com slash care to plan your care. W T O P and 5 35, a Northern Virginia resident, is the state's first identified case of that code 19 variant first found in the UK last year, the Corona virus variant from the UK known to spread more easily. Has been found in a sample from an adult resident of Northern Virginia with no recent travel history. The Virginia Department of Health says a lab identified the strain as the UK variant through next generation sequencing, which provides a genetic blueprint of the virus. Variant has been detected now on at least 23. States and sciences say early data suggests the two approved vaccines are effective against it. Dick Uliano w T. O P News some students online learning has really sent them back in the state officials in Maryland work toward a time when kids can return to class. They're also working on guidance for school systems on how to best catch those kids up. While some kids may have adapted find a virtual learning many students and parents, this has been a struggle. Carol Williams and deputy superintendent of the Maryland State Board of Education says for those students, they may not be learning at the same pace that they did when we were in school, with some research showing kids may have fallen this far behind his one year and learning sharing with the state Board of Education. Some ideas for catching students out. The options include a longer school days or school years, also getting teachers elite small, focused group instruction outside of the school day. She says the state plans to get public input on the ideas before presenting the best options to school District's Mike Murillo. W T. O P News. Some rain is starting to fall, particularly in southern parts of the area just outside the Beltway. We'll have details on this and when it turns over to snow next 5 37. This is Dave Preston, and this is my third season. Voting in The Associated Press Weekly Top 25 men's college basketball rankings over the last few weeks of received plenty of constructive Kurt. System from places like Tuscaloosa and Le Bic. Keeping track of over 300 Division, One schools and 31 different conferences is not easy. Xfinity makes life a lot easier for me. I have a basketball bonanza of channels at my fingertips Beyond CBS, ESPN and Fox. I get the secondary channels like the Big 10 network, so I can see all 14 schools in that.

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