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I thank you i appreciate it always company era he's eighty now for crying out loud eighty big ones that's top notch entertainment national league starters the all star game announced contrary catching freeman at first bias at second brandon crawford at short nolan aeronautical is at third base the outfield of marquess kemp and harper dave roberts will select the d h they're american league stars wilson ramos is behind the plate abreu altuve to machado and jose ramirez around the infield feel mookie betts aaron judge and mike trout jd martinez will be the d h for the american league will get you the reserves when they become available to us but right now we'll get right back to your phone calls when we thank mike matthew of the daily news jamie manella new jersey is next on the fan jamie hello chris nice talking to you talking to you what do you got for us okay i agree with you one hundred percent of the mets need to blow this thing i'm a long suffering mets fan which makes me naturally envious or the yankees and i'm not a fan of the yankees so what better what would he better for the mets and mets fans then betrayed degrom to the red sox get david price a boat load of prospects and i understand they have a couple of catches that we could use and i think this works on a couple of levels first of all you're doing a good service through degrom giving the chance to pitch for a winner for next couple of years which works out good red sox get to try to the ground to the yankees because david price campus to the aunties and we get to stick to the yankees what's better than that i'll tell you what's what wouldn't make sure that that never happens david price makes thirty million dollars a year you went silent on me jamie the mets the mets enough david price thirty million dollars a year okay so we don't take david price somebody else we can get get prospects i wanna see i don't want the yankees to get better as a metro no i understand that and i think if the red sox had more prospects they would love that deal they would love an opportunity but.

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