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Have some testimony from the Weinstein instinct case curl your hair. Yeah I love it is yes it will curl your hair around other things sir. Silver Dude of the silver dolphins too ought to in severn Maryland. I like to order a Sousse. An Order of stop the hammering and goat car for for all who need it Niamh no no numerology but oh two oh two two. Oh Oh two Oh looks pretty cool to me. After realizing I missed donating in January I felt obliged to correct the error also. I retired from the Navy last February after twenty years of some work lots of waiting and lots of doses of mandatory fund followed for more examples of the magic twenty. Two Freak me out. Keep it. wacky congratulations sir. Silver Dude that's nice. Well deserved stop the hammering. You've got Karma sorry needed to go run you've got. Yeah we're GonNa Roll Germer Davidson two. Oh two from Calgary. Alberta greetings from Calgary Augury candidate navy. I hit Got Hit in the mouth a year or two ago from a friend at first I was fearful that it was a podcast that was just a right wing conspiracy outlet to defend trump. I stuck with it and realize when you deconstruct media and all they talk about is orange man bad. It can't seem that way. Exactly seeing how the media operates has been an eye up. It's been an eye opener and scary. Since they are still gamed trustworthy. I worthy not by us. If any of the dame's and nights out there no of an outlet during the same deconstruction thing here in Canada. That would be great to hear here. Yeah I would say the rebel. The rebelled comes pretty. Yeah yeah they're very close yeah. Rub their rebelled good material L.. On the rebel as mature for sure. We're getting pretty divided up here and when the PM gifts what he deems good media six hundred million dollars it creates dot dot dot questioned actually have a clip about that for later good anyways after hearing the Horse Race. I knew it was time to do the D- do get D- douched deed -duced and get some Carmen. Working for the new comedy just started with some friends. I could request them. Go commer- followed by a club Ajar. Think that sounds pretty good and and finally A. It's true I have to say she the aid meet That sounds pretty good. That's become our new we dropped. That's that's true from our vocabulary here at home and now everything's Hey ready for dinner. That sounds pretty good. Thank you very much. Thank you very much idiotic. I think that sounds pretty good. You've got Karma Karma I screwed up again. Everyone's asking for go Karma today on do it again. Then you've got Parma better than when these double doses are GonNa do the William Bagged and in Con Show Shokhin CON CON Hogan. You can Hocutt Fokin Conn show coach. I can't pronounce his city. It's two hundred dollars from him. And he's in Pennsylvania ca it's Conshohocken Konczal conshohocken contract conshohocken. Yeah I've been tight man overboard for a while. But it can't ignore that corona one of virus contains the magic number of a nuclear tides by informatics stack.

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