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Wants to read more so than wants to buy your book or whatever i'm not saying everything's you marketing but as editor going to your point. You really have to be careful about how you how you respond. You could quash people's spirits to the point where they quit writing. They may be the next big thing. You can really help them to you. Know i had somebody last year that they said this is the first time they got published by publication. I said okay great. Don't don't come over to before while go try to find other places now. Now you've got a bit of a gift and now you got some work that you put together. They came back to me almost a year later the ten credits already including mine so they obviously was starting to put things out there and and gain some confidence and it all started. Just one editor. Saying i'll take this. This is really worthwhile now. Need to go out and find some more yeah. I had a similar poet. That semi stuff. I didn't i it just it didn't fit. It was wrong. The work was fine but it just didn't fit what i thought the ideal that particular issue was but i said though. I said look this. This could be published. Other places is not here. I said when you written for year and submitted for your send me something else and and we'll just we'll take it one step at the time. Guaranteed send me something else. Wait a year and a year later. I got a poem set several cultures individual and they're fantastic. They matured to the point. Where you know enough rejection enough. Rewrites employer comment had really pushed what they're saying. I got a nice guy. Said that you cruciate me. Rejecting him when reasons i objected. And that that's kind of what keeps you guys editor Tight you know this. We all know this. We don't get paid and it's a lot of time. So is is the. It's the most enjoyable frustrating hobby could. How because it's many times you know. When i'm reading that thirtieth submission the same day some thankless job and then you find that you find that diamond and it's all worthwhile exactly. That's really how it works loud. Jack i really appreciate you coming on the show and talking about all these things and sharing your experiences. Folks you gotta you gotta keep in mind that as many as their editors out there that might not give you the best shake. You're going to have plenty of other folks that they are trying to do their best and you have to. You have to work with them so that us together you know as a as a creative team can really help each other to make more worthwhile and rewarding experience because it can be but like anything else in life you. You're going to have some folks that you know they're not going to make it that way and you have to still stay the past even with negative in an unfortunate People out there..

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