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I'm curious. I'm curious. How many of you if you're going to be getting checks for your Children? Are going to attribute it to Joe Biden and say, I'm Going to keep him If he runs. I'm voting for him. I'm voting for Democrats. Wonder how much this influences I think it influences people a lot. Phone numbers 855295. 6600 Larry in Danville, Virginia. Hello, Larry. How you doing, Tom? Talk to you, but I'm doing great years ago. Straight up. You can't get out of the work out here. No more tommorrow. I run my own farming operation Razor so sinful de Baca. I just finished up planted the this past Friday. Uh, I'll tell you the truth. I'm pushing 68 years old straight up. Everybody wants to work under the table now, uh, the guys that I had that I was able to get in higher. Straight up there all drawing disability checks. Free phones had paid their rent in six months hadn't paid the electric bills over here to the city of Danville. But you know, they'll come out here and work under the table if you write the check in cash, where they can cast it into a local store, the country store or at the credit union. Uh, this this this this economy cannot stand any more giveaways. Uh, the whole country is about to collapse. The money is being deluded as I'm talking to you. Straight up. Uh, the social programs are have just taken over the whole country. Uh, straight up. It's in every sector, the restaurant industry. I talked to a guy in Wal Mart the other day. Hey, was a painter before the pandemic. He had four guys working naturally doing depend M Icka. He had to let everybody go. Nobody was time to paint house inside outside world. And he said he said he couldn't get a single one of his guys back. But one uh, the other three. You know, a drawing so much unemployment with this federal, you know, 300 plus a month. Of what? Why Go back to work, You know, just let this layout and cut my grass and maybe raise the garden outside if they got a well attracted to do it with What? What's gonna happen to the country? Tom, I'll tell you the truth straight up when the stock market when you start market starts crashing again and it will crash again. Straight up. Joe Biden is not gonna make it for another three years. Kamala Harris becomes president to start market will crash and everybody's for one case straight up is going to be in the tank, then. And I feel I don't get you know, I took my I'm yes. I'm a kindred spirit with you Where I don't know. The given away are the people that used to work for you? R. They're saying that they will come back after a while. They admit that they're waiting for their They're gonna wait until after the benefits Stop. And what do you What would you So what would you say? What would you say to the president? The president was asked last week that do you think this has anything to do the people that being able to get people to work? Has anything to do with the generous government benefits. And he said, No, I don't believe that. So what do you say to me? Oh, He's not living in the real world out here, Tom. Let's just be honest about that here. You know, he's just a puppet on destroying up and they're pulling this pulling the strings. All the major Democrats have pulling his change strings, Whatever. You know, straight up. He's being told what to do when to do it. Uh, you know, uh, teleprompters, you know, uh, in front of him with every speech, every answer so called The news media. You know it's screened before they asked him a question. I mean, that's what's wrong. The whole country really be honest with you. This this a dishonest news media. I have given up watching all needed just about I used to watch Fox News. You know Tucker Carlson the whole gang every night, and they're even being Swede. Now, uh, straight up. Um Everybody that the so called it is that voted Republican knows this. We feel this. We know what's going on. You can't hide it no more. It's so corrupt. It's such a career government. I mean, everybody said about given up on government and straight up. You know my taxes come to you the other day. We pay our taxes in the county here twice a year. Enough. Do you think they're gonna let me get off.

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