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Just right. Years later, people are still upset about the sopranos and lost and Seinfeld. But Hebert says he doesn't think that'll be the case here. I don't think it'll be divisive in the way that the sopranos was divisive. I think it's going to be a bit more of a traditional satisfying ending. A lot of respects. The final season of game of thrones as a whole has many wanting to unleash dragon on show, creators, David Benny off, Dan Weiss an online petition this week to remake the final season with different writers has over eight hundred thousand signatures as I type this and Hibbert, thanks Sunday night, show won't change that. I don't expect the divided reactions to end with the finale whatever happened Sunday night. Game of thrones its place in pop culture history has been solidified based on the books by George r Martin series was a hit for HBO when it debuted in two thousand eleven growing its audience every year in time when Moshe viewers season to season, it set EMI records and done what few shows if any can do in this fractured TV landscape, create appointment viewing game of thrones has changed TV. Well, it certainly blue part, the notion that TV shows have to have a limit to their scale of production. So it's raised the bar in terms of what TV is. And I think it's bold storytelling moves busted, a lot of tropes, that make it difficult for a standard TV drama. Nowadays to do the usual TV thing of telling basically the same story week after week without any consequences or permanence to the characters so tip horn of giants milk to the end of an era, at least into one of the many in the works game of thrones spinoffs, debuts ca-car, Jason Nathanson, ABC news, Hollywood and fans will be going through withdrawal. I'm sure he'll update on KOMO. Aaa traffic.

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