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Welcome to the revolution. This is sonia gomez a your house for today's show where we are are interviewing dr karen gaston who is a pioneer in the connecticut massachusetts market originally from connecticut and moving into the massachusetts market fully vertical company and making real waves as a women owned business on the east coast in the cannabis industry. I'll l. let her do the bragging in the telling i am so super excited to hear her story in how she is keeping things and people in line in the new emerging industry on the east coast of the essay what's up a dr karen. How are you thank you for having me. I am so excited to have you first of all a big up to being a boss in the cannabis face and having a women owned business super powerful stuff their mama penurious and canopy noor super super excited to dive in. You were just talking you know in in our pre interview conversation. You were just telling me so many incredible things about how you're working with your community to raise the vibration raise the standard of operation so on and so forth but before we dive too much into telling those stories. I'd love to hear a little bit more about <unk> who you are what your background is in what you're currently doing in the industry sure so. I have my doctorate in psychology. I used to run a nonprofit for folks with disabilities here in connecticut that program shutdown. I'm a mother of two. I have an eighteen year old daughter and a five year old daughter so that's kind of first and foremost and we are definitely diving into the cannabis industry vertically as you had described we have t._h._c. operations that we just received our host agreement for in weightless massachusetts we plan to also find cultivation space for that so we have full seed to sail there as well as production of vapes absorb those types of things coming soon all the process here in connecticut i farm my own by also have had a farm in massachusetts with my godfather odd father also in whiteley massachusetts and we have a c._d. Store here in connecticut so that's pretty much where we are. We're all about healing integrity of products big big for me. We wanna make sure that when people come in and they've enjoyed a product that actually works for them that they can come back in and get that same product the same way. We don't don't wanna run fifty million strains. We wanna run strains that are going to actually work help people through the healing process. It's what i went to school for. It's what i'm here for. I'm here here for inspiration and i'm all about community anyone that's trying to do it. I have no problem going out there and helping them <hes>. We've got a big community here. In connecticut almost on the massachusetts border where i'm involved with a lot of farming makhosan here and no kind of what's going on in the industry hopefully will become legal at some point in the future for t._h._c. h six but currently we are legal for the hamp according to the farm bill so we're trying to stay in line with everything legally and run full operations as was support the community you are making waves over their mama ends so excited like this is just such an exciting time..

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