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Fifty four Gulf coast windows dot com the now the latest news weather and traffic newsradio seven forty change he our age I heart radio station well don't believe everything you read I'm sure a prior it's eight o'clock on newsradio seven forty Katy originals checker traffic and weather together Julie the heart of finally making a little bit of progress on this I can Katy freeway green house it was close on the outbound side for quite sometime now we've got two good lanes to the right getting by it's still backed up well be on highway six is going to be almost back to Eldridge at this point you may want to go over to west timer or even the Westpark tollway and use that as an alternate park crest pretty socked in if you're on the inbound side we had onlookers backed up on the grand parkway you could use king's Lynn Boulevard as an alternate as well that'll probably help you out a lot now we also had this accident on the west St Houston south on it Philippines that's gone but the damage is done that still about a twenty minute back up these tax accident downtown and I tennis player we still have heavy traffic from liberty equipment all into forty five pregnant take about fifteen twenty minutes and in six in the north loop west bound airline finally got the eighteen Wheeler out of middle of the roadway however you still have about a thirty forty minute delay used cavalcade I do really hard in the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center storm chances today and tomorrow that storm chances decrease heading towards the weekend mix clouds and sunshine hot humid today was scattered afternoon and evening storms highs and low nineties.

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