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It's pretty tough line with you tonight. It's aria, Angie and Bonnie and someone into this earlier and then we got distracted with Sea turtles and cocaine and the space force and extraterrestrials. And Jon Stewart, though I've always liked Jon Stewart, even though I didn't always agree with him politically, he was a really He's really clever. He's a smart guy, and he's usually pretty funny. I loved it when he had the daily show when he left it. I stopped watching it. That's what it was The daily show that I remember him from Yes, and he was Remember him as being relatively fair to Ron Paul. He talked about him. More than most news anchors did, like pointed out after I think it was the Oh Iowa Caucus, or I don't remember which one but Ron Paul placed Third in it, and they, they pointed out the person who plays 1st 2nd. Fourth. And fifth and even six. They they mentioned Huntsman or whatever his name was, and they just that let's get Fox News or MSNBC or someone They just skipped right over. Ron Paul and Jon Stewart was the only one I saw. Calling them out on this, and he still got the video of his. You can probably find it on YouTube. But that was when he really earned my respect. I was like, you know what? That's also you're right. You know, he plays fourth behind who Because they they never said Wow. I mean, it's easy to fight back when the media hates you, but when they just pretend like you don't exist. It's almost impossible to fight back. But he's caused a firestorm on social media for making an impassioned arguments in favor of the Wuhan lab leak theory on the late show. I didn't know he still had a show. But his remarks were avoided like the plague itself by the major TV networks appearing for the CBS late Night shows first in Person studio taping since the pandemic began. Stuart shocked the audience by promoting the belief that the coronavirus them from a Chinese coronavirus lab. By suggesting it isn't far fetched. Comparing it to an outbreak of chocolatey Goodness near Hershey, Pennsylvania. He's not wrong because this whole thing, they said it originated with a coronavirus in a bat right, And that's what they study at the Wuhan laboratory is specifically Corona viruses in bats. It's uh, I don't know that. That's what happened, but it certainly seems likely okay while they were experimenting on Corona viruses in bats. They ended up finding one And infecting themselves with it accidentally whereupon is spread everywhere. Who knows? Maybe a steam shovel made it with the cocoa bean. Or It's the chocolate factory. Made me uh okay. It took me a second. If it maybe, maybe the reason there's an outbreak of chocolatey goodness is because a steam shovel made it with the cocoa bean or it's the chocolate factory. Despite his remarks, getting millions of views on Twitter and YouTube. Stewart's comments were completely ignored by CNN, MSNBC, ABC and NBC. Even CBS whitewashed Stewart's Wuhan commentary showing a brief clip of his late show appearance. Yes, Jon Stewart said. We owe a great A debt of gratitude towards science. Science has in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic. That's why weird editing choices here for this article. Would expect them to have went on to say that you know the way in which they whitewashed. Stewart's commentary was by showing a clip of him on the show, but flipping out that part entirely, But they didn't say that. That's what happened and they said they started talking about Jon Stewart and Science which comes out of nowhere. But the report While the report showed Colbert Colbert. And does he still go by Colbert? I don't know. Dramatic reaction to the remark. I don't even know how Colbert got introduced into this equation. We're halfway through the article, and it's the first mention of him. Oh, I think it's his show. Actually, I think that John Syria was a guest on the show. Okay. See, that would have been useful information for them to put at the beginning of their article. That's why we often say Oh, well, Jon Stewart's This guy who used to do the daily show instead of just saying Jon Stewart and then carrying on and then five minutes later, bringing up Is this Fox News? It is. Well, I've only allowed one or two sources at the moment. Fox News and MSNBC at MSNBC is horrible. They don't even have news there. It's just opinion pieces. Wow. And they're obsessed with Donald Trump and Republicans. They Mark actually brought up. Uh, study about this. Last night. They mentioned Donald Trump like 125% more than they mentioned Joe Biden. Still today? Yeah. Wow. Yeah, I mean, if you go to MSNBC dot com Right now, the articles you're going to find are going to be all about Trump. I'll pull it up real quick, just to prove my point. It's going to be all about Trump and why conservatives are bad. Yes, there is an MSNBC headline. I didn't read the article. It just can't bring it up because they changed their adblock policy that's annoying. But yeah, they are obsessed with trump even now. However, the little attention to Stewart received from the liberal media was mostly negative, including from the Washington Post. What box you can't say the media completely ignored him and then call out examples of the media, not ignoring him. The Washington Post, evidently published a blistering op ed urging readers not to rely on so celebrities like him. Oh, that's what I was about to say. I don't know why I thought was MSNBC. Yeah, it's like, Don't get your covid theory. Theories from celebrities. Okay, well, the media is always using celebrities to push their covid ideas. They've used celebrities to push all sorts of ideas, not just limited to covid for sure. For years as the former longtime host of the Daily show, Stewart was a media darling who was revered by liberal journalist for his political commentary. Even after stepping down. Stewart's media presence continued largely due to his activism on behalf of 9, 11, 1st responders and veterans. And then the article. Just sort of is, it doesn't really Give me much information about I mean was that it was that his entire claim is that you know. It's like expecting..

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