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A trip back with this week's rock almanac what's up rockers and rollers it's me bald freak ronnie here is always to take you back in time to this week in rock and roll history starting in nineteen seventy one when the rolling stones released the brown sugar single the first record released on their label and the first to feature the licking tongue and lips logo in nineteen seventy six peter frampton goes to number one on the album chart with frampton comes alive for the first of ten nonconsecutive weeks in one thousand nine hundred ninety the astronaut michael unions minor planet center analysis that asteroids forty one forty seven through forty one fifty would be named lennon mccartney harrison and starr after the four members of the beatles and as we in nineteen ninetysix the rest of jerry garcia's ashes are scattered near the golden gate bridge in san francisco a small portion it also been scattered in the gandhi's river in india eleven days earlier steve there's your look back at this week's rock almanac up to twenty million dollar reward is available for information leading to the arrest and or conviction of rafael caro quintero the latest addition to the fbi's ten most wanted fugitives list carol quintero was wanted for allegedly ordering the kidnapping and eventual murder of da special agent and rica camerino who was also known as kiki in nineteen eightyfive cara quintero who is believed to hold a leadership role in the sinoloa cartel blamed camerena for a raid on his drug crops that caused the cartel hundreds of millions of dollars fbi special agent russell ehlers sick says the cartel kidnap kiki while he was on his way to have lunch with his wife over several days including a gruesome torture of that ultimately resulted in his death that's the red line that doesn't get crossed you're talking about the united states special agent that was kidnapped tortured and killed report tips at one eight hundred call fbi or online at tips dot f.

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