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So they jump on the best available kind of safety. Raise got everybody on this. They weren't so two year deal worth about twelve million five and a quarter of guaranteed thoughts. I mean, it speaks to where people see the Rams right now, they are a true contending team. 'cause weta was debating retirement. He was actually mulling over the idea of calling it a career, but the opportunity to play for the Rams, you know, in get that Super Bowl ring that he doesn't have. That's that'll make you give it another year. So it's a destination at LA. Yeah. You don't even Fellay, and they they've come here. They've captured the city, you know, fell short in the Super Bowl. But I mean, great young team. Great motivated coach, you know, their their weapons on offense speak for themselves. Why not he took only one eating like he was gonna go meet with other people rally already sold before it even happens wouldn't even let Let him him out out of of the the Bill. building. Go play. You got less need, Sean McVeigh, and this very handsome people trying to so it's like when Chandler Parsons used to go around trying to get everybody signed with with. He's competence must have been shattered Wendy, Andre said, no Chandler Parsons at that point thought he could just stare. Everyone's is. All right. That was the same deal. They trapped him in the house to trap him in the house to break the spell. I mean, many great is. Worse. He goes the Dallas. It gets traded. Halfway through the first. All right. So what's this about? What's this about Charles Barkley? Well, Charles Barkley on TNT last night was kind of clown around and invited. Lebron James let me just play this here. Whereas at Barclay yet. You have that gut? Okay. Lebron? Oh, man. Look at this. Free time. Well, starch dot com. The first weekend of the playoffs. You can stay. We'll put you up at a good hotel. Wow. That's really. Yes, we'll get you a first class ticket. We won't you. Can we always bring players in for the playoff? You're not gonna be busy during the playoffs. So I'm inviting you hear odds LeBron James is on the the NBA Senate TNT come playoff time. Wait, they got so many things wrong just to start. He's not gonna fly first class. You guys. Yep. Yep. He's not gonna stay at a hotel. In atlanta. You bring the camera to him. He's got his own production company. Maybe he'll film it for you. And then send you the video. I mean, he's going to be in pre production. You guys are making Hollywood. You gotta come on with the jazz. Okay. Well, I'm just gonna okay. So let me see making. I'm not making that up. He will be production rose Space Jam to. That's not a joke. Right. I will be I really see LeBron this summer like I say because I think people are taking offense to the off the court stuff, which I have no problem with an if he was winning. They wouldn't give in care less. I think LeBron is going to be not hiding, but he's going to be about his business. He's going to be handling movies. You me handlings families gonna be working on his game. You're not going to. I don't think you'll see LeBron around too much this. I'm I think he's really going to go back in the lab, and he had everything figured out. Because like I said he can't have another no matter. What happens? He can't have another year in LA like he did when people talk about like this. This was the year that LeBron discovered off the court things. No, he's been doing this on years when how long does it. Production company been around like he's producing coming out with now has been in more free doesn't.

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