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I know I'm not above it. Like, obviously, I like having a home cooked meal that we have prepared. But if it has to be froze and then hot, and then we eat it for if it's gotta be froze. Gotta be trader Joe's come on. You can use that Joe. It was the Joe nobody knows. Nobody knows the trader Joe Joe's. What if it's Joe Pantoliano who the act tour Joey pants what if it's Joe Lawrence has anybody ever called him? Joe Lawrence before. Joseph hosts have Lauren's his name on Broadway. That is really. Know, I don't think so maybe he might have been. Who goes first this week website? That is loading right now. It's me feel like you go. I it's not true. Fifty percent of the time you go. I say about you just eager, you know, away. We could actually decide who goes first we could play rock, paper, scissors. That's my first thing. Now, you can go first. Oh, okay. I was thinking about it today. I was thinking about like games almost talked to you about Skyros. So glad that you dodge that bullet. But I was thinking about games right because I like games and about them. And then I was thinking about like folk games. I like a good heightened go. Seek capture the flag yuan's jazz that stuff, and I was trying to think of stuff like that that I'm very familiar with in. Everybody's familiar with. And I don't think that like rock paper scissors is the best game ever. It's like a zero sum game. Somebody's going to win or gonna tie, and there's very few outcomes and not much strat that goes into it. I'm not constantly going around playing and I'm not going to the tournaments, which there are definitely tournaments, which is exciting. I love that. Human beings came up with a way to solve arguments between themselves with a competitive hand game. I love backing caveman days if somebody wanted to eat the big fish that they pulled out of the ocean, but they only had one fish and people they would beat each other to death with. Clubs probably to decide who gets it. And then there were people who were just eventually like what if we played a little hand game together. Can they trace rock paper scissors back that far not to caveman days? No, it does trace back. Literal millennia. It was a I played and sort of documented across East Asia. There is a book that was published in China around sixteen hundred which said that the game was first plays play during the Chinese Han dynasty between. I just thought of what? It was came in days. It just would have been rock. Hey, that's good. Yeah. Then have the other. When it started out. It was not rock, paper scissors. Oh, which I will get to. But it was thought to have been played during the Chinese Han dynasty between two hundred six BC into hundred twenty eight houses dynasty was. So it was according to this book was published in sixteen hundred it was called and I'm going to fuck out the pronunciation on this. And every other word I'm going to say in the next ten minutes, but Xiaoshi Ling. And it was sort of a rudimentary. There's not much. Unlike the rules of what like very I discovered version of rock, paper scissors was it's a lot easier to trace how to game volved in Japan. It made its way over to Japan fairly quickly there. It was called sand Sukhumi kin. According to a Kapiti a-. It means kin which translate to fist games where quote, the three who are afraid of one another which is great talking rocket preserves in every permutation of it is so one of the first Qin games in Japan. Wasn't rock paper scissors. It was frog slug snake? Oh, that's fun..

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