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And we have matter of fact. We have 7 national touring exhibitions and so we are always on the move. Like I said, I want everyone to come to Kansas City. But if you can't come to us, we'll come to you, just let us know and we will bring one of those exhibitions out to your area because we want people to have access buster to a story that is still not a part of the pages of American history books. And it was not a thing that was every time people didn't want to know about the Negro leagues. They just had no way to know about the Negro leagues until this museum emerged. And so it is still very much in common upon me to make sure that I provide access and I hope I wet your appetite to the point that you want to come to Kansas City and experience this wonderful museum. All right, one of the great Negro league stars, of course, was satchel Paige. I mentioned to you before we started. I was gone. YouTube last week, and I saw this interview that he did with dick Cabot. And I don't know what year that was. My guest was like 1970, 71. And I just love listening to him talk. And he talked, I think he said he would, in some years, he'd pitch as many as a 150 games, and what I loved about sagittal in that interview was you could first off, I mean, clearly he's one of the best ever what he did, but also the confidence and the acumen and the understanding of him. And so I'm going to ask you for your favorite central page story, but the comp that I had as I'm listening to them and I'm watching his body language, I was like, that is Pedro Martinez. You know what I mean? Like, Peter Martinez was 5 foot 11, but he would stand on the mound with that little rye grin that he had, like this is going to beat you. He knew he was going to. Yes. And he was looking forward to matching wits against you. And that was such a as buckled mill would say, you might beat him when he was out there messing around. But busted when he was locked and loaded, you couldn't touch it. And so one of my favorite stories is actually the story that I initially heard the great Vin Scully tale. And then I had it verified where why did Herzog with whitey and George George Brett, mister Herzog is over at the K, they back at one and sweets holding court. Everybody said, well, mister Herzog and Georgia back there, why don't you go and say hello to him? And I do. And the first question I asked him I said, I heard the story about you and satchel page, I want to know if it's true. He says is absolutely the truth. Well, the year is 1956. Now, if you believe that satchel was born in 1906, which I absolutely do not. But that would make him 50 years old now. And he is now pitching for the Miami Marlins in triple-A. And he is pitching highly effectively whether the man was 50 or possibly 60 years old at the time. And so who was on that team, a young outfielder named why did hers are? And so they're playing in Rochester, New York. And so busted the Rochester team have a knot hole in the outfield wall. And they had a promotion that said, if any batter could hit the ball on the fly through the hole, you could win a $100,000. Well, man, it was virtually impossible. But mister Herzog says, he decides he's jogging. He took some baseballs with him because he wanted to see if the ball would fit through the hole. Well, there's just enough circumference to squeeze that ball through the hole. He goes and gets satchel. He says, satchel, you always bragging about how great your control is and how you can throw a baseball over a chewing gum wrapper. Honest to God is true. He did not warm up using home plate. The old man warmed up, he would have to catch a stick of foil chewing gum wrapper on top of home plate and wherever the catcher moved to chewing gum wrapper such a right over the top of the chewing gum wrapper. So you always bragging about how you could throw baseball over chewing gum rapper. I bet

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