Senator Roger Wicker, Facebook, Extortion discussed on War Room


He took a closer look Wednesday at the section 2 30 protections enjoyed by big tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter Chairman Senator Roger Wicker credits what he calls a light touch regulatory framework for the Internet success and to section 2 30 of the Communications Decency Act. Of a river, too, as the 26 words that created the Internet by protecting what were small startup platforms from liability is they manage the content of their sights. Today, he says, Things have changed. The openers and freedom of the Internet are under attack, meaning it may be time to tighten the laws on the platforms that are now among the world's most powerful corporations. Buying a reporter. Federal agencies warned that cybercriminals are unleashing a wave of data scrambling extortion attempts against the U. S health care system. That could lock up their information systems. Just his nationwide cases of cove in 19 are spiking. Breaking.

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