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The event is hosted in a different city each year with the only requirement being that the whole city is somehow related to the architect himself. The goal is to promote altos legacy and to reach an audience beyond just architecture and design it through guests. We find it very important to value our heritage and inherent values in his architecture. Humanism sustainability connection to nature and to increase the knowledge of his. Life's work and us. Finns are often a to just. I would like the local people to be more proud of the great heritage. They have all that. There was also a person of great culture. He loved arts. Music literature and So do a lot of people who appreciate his architecture so bringing together different branches of culture by organizing wide ranged festival. Like this helps the organizers to reach new wider audiences. my name's emily norton. I'm here at overall too weak to give a lecture and demonstration. I'm a graphic. Designer based in helsinki and my work involves writing editing and public programming. Right so you are here to give a lecture performance titled the table with three legs talkers through your performance. Yes so the talk is Playful investigation into the finished design industry and it looks at the idea that the industry is supported by four legs over four pillars and each of those pillars represented institution so kind of walked through those and thinks about authors table with three legs into tries to figure out which of the four pillars missing. What would you say. Altos importance to finish design design and architecture. The interesting thing about him is actually the smaller kind of stories and so i think it's actually a bit of a pity that of course he's so popular in you hear about him often. But you hear the same stories over and over and I think the kind of obvious example for me are actually the images that you see every year whether it's on social media or other places you just kind of see the same images and it isn't until you read his biography or find you know small lectures or something where people are talking about other details that you kind of understand his importance from winnipeg villa. This is beth. Reports of my. Thanks to petrie births off there. Now we turn our attention to an organization shining a light on craft and design in corners of the globe often overlooked due to conflict from yemen to afghanistan. Iska works with local partners and artisans to bring jewelry clothes and much more to a global customer base the proceeds from sales not only help to preserve traditional crossman ship in these countries but also goes towards charitable projects. Such as new hospitals monaco's mainly evans recently caught up with some of the team to find out more on a quiet residential streets. In london's easterns iskoe was holding a pop-up sale inviting a number of independent companies and retailers to showcase there was a wins along and met edmund. Lebron the co founder of fish. Car an austin first of all whether iska comes from the sky is the name of desert shrub that's found in northern afghanistan and it's very unremarkable looking trump. But when he ran it it turns into a hard nash. Which when you combine it with dies it makes those ties shine brightly ready chores out that color and is a primary found uniquely in afghanistan so for us. It's an emblem off seeing whereas not immediately obvious was started with my girlfriend and now wife floor and we were living in afghanistan for three years. When we're living in afghanistan. We were frustrated how the country was viewed particularly in europe. It was a time when there with the paris attacks. they're also number of terrorist attacks happening in the uk in brussels and we felt that the whole country was being viewed through this lens of terrorism. And that was a very different perception of the country from the one that we are experiencing living in afghanistan where our daily was. Much more shaped by afghanistan's rich culture the hospitality it's people and the ship. Ut if the country and so we wanted to a brown that would show that side of kinda stunt to the rest of the world so you went to herat in western afghanistan and we came across this workshop which was run by. Johnson was the kind of seen the hasn't changed for hundreds of years. He's making glass in the tradition where it's been made in herat fatigue thousand years. It's very simple glass. Making tradition the shapes of natural and organic and the color extremely bright and with him retiring soon as the prospective gloss sector in afghanistan. Dying out together the inspiration to launch glasses. I need one crossed. But there are many crafts across afghanistan and countries that are affected by conflicts in particular. Uh which already on the brink of dying out and yet there's huge demand at the moment particularly in europe but will send in the states for very high end crossman ship which is uniquely individual and so whilst this huge demand that demand is completely disconnected from the makers in countries like afghanistan have no means through which to reach those those markets. A main aim is always to use croft as a way to challenge perceptions of countries which are often misunderstood. And it's the same for all the countries where we work whether extremely strong craft traditions as extremely strong culture. But because of the way that we can seem on news often the only images the steak-n-ale mind when we think of these places are war or poverty or corrupt governments or failed eight and actually for us. These are any vice. More power of the realities of these places and so every piece that we sat on our site aims to tell a different story about these countries unto shine a window onto a different of their narrative. Triska the emphasis has always been on.

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