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Twitter and Instagram said bbq central show, and so if that's If you feel compelled to call it I, will put A. A Asterix by if you call in during a guest segment. I'm not necessarily averse to that. It's got all holden right and I gotta feel really good because I don't have a screener at one point. We did have technology that allowed me to have a screener being John Solberg, of course, the show's main fan. But not having a screener, not knowing who I'm going to and folding that a guest. That's a lot of moving parts that could really blow up in my face, and I'm not usually that eager to shit. Can an interview over just to mix in a call? Not. Usually. I could do it. But I'm not usually in the mood to rusty Monson just has a number forty up in the chat. Does that mean you were you finished fortieth? I. Hope. Not. Forty. Speaking of big POPPA smokers before we get on over to Steve, from Lyon Energy. It's a one stop online shop. curated selections for only the best outdoor cooking and grilling supplies get you on the path. The butterball Req- resulted in no time. Big Papua's.

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