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Heat Indexes high has won 12 81 tonight partly sunny 101 Tuesday. Neurologist can bone from the weather Channel in San Antonio's official weather station NewsRadio 1200 wook I partly cloudy in 92 at 12 01 on NewsRadio. 1200 Wook I our top story. There are now more than six million confirmed Corona virus cases in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University and 183,000 People have died from Cova 19. This country wth EU s reported more than 47,000 new cases yesterday, along with nearly 1000 more deaths. Metrohealth reported 110 new cases of the disease yesterday and nine new death hospitalizations from the Corona virus are continuing to decline. Invader County A drop in Corona virus rates in San Antonio has some school district's making plans to bring kids back to class. The S A. S T was the first to make the move and will bring about 10% of kids back after Labor Day, But experts feel it's too soon. Dr. Gian Carlo, who sits on the governor's covert task force says it's still not safe to get people together in a room and that includes kids. Stay for free from Corona virus, and I think they can even have severe illnesses we've seen. Meanwhile, the Texas Education Agency is released more guidance from the return of students to campus school District's must now post a summary of the plan they'll follow to mitigate covered 19 at least one week before on campus activities begin, which means for many San Antonio district's opening after Labor Day. Those summaries should be posted on district websites by tomorrow. September 1st Ah drug bust valued over hundreds of thousands of dollars happened in San Antonio over the weekend, Fair county deputies arrested two men during a traffic stop. That was near words Bach Parkway on the West side over the weekend when they found 11 kg of meth in a cardboard box in their car. 42 year old Roger Hernandez and 34 year old Jaye Haggard were arrested for possession with the intent to distribute. The meth found in the car is valued at about five And $50,000. Both Haggard and Hernandez are known gang members, and Hernandez is currently on federal probation for a previous drug related conviction. I'm Tanner Carlson, NewsRadio 1200 W Away. I, Acting D. H S Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli says leadership in Portland, Oregon, does not want to address the violence in the city simply because President Trump wants to. Speaking on Fox News, Cuccinelli said. It is very much on the table to expand the numbers of federal agents in the city. We stand And ready. Absolutely ready, Just like we were with Kenosha to move on a moment's notice to finally bring an end to three months of violence. It is not complicated. But it does take the political will and the commitment to do it. Cuccinelli says. Mayor Ted Wheeler hates President Trump more than he loves the people in Portland. He called Wheeler's actions terrible, pathetic and horrible Leadership. Get the latest news any time anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play NewsRadio 1200 Wook I on I Heart Radio. I'm Margo Moreno NewsRadio 1200 W Away. I They call it San Antonio's.

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