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A tree fell on a home on Mercer avenue and a mother and her young baby lost their lives that tree falling on the home of the three of them were in the the house there in the back room, the mom, the dad and the baby and the mom and the baby died. The dad was injured the tree fell on his leg and emergency crews said they thought they were going to have to amputate his leg. Fortunately, they were able to get the tree off it took some time and he is in a hospital with injuries. But a hard time for the firefighters here, we really saw an emotional time where they all came together for prayer circle. Because I mean, this is the that's the worst that could happen here in a did a horrible tragedy with the mom the baby losing their lives. And so. They're hoping that was the worst of it. Because that was not just one tree there's dozens of trees like that route Wilmington. There's a lot downtown down. But the big trees really as we were driving from Wilmington to right before. Right. So the huge mass trees or down to all over the area on roadways in neighborhood on homes and so. Sessile out of that damage because they weren't removing those trees, they're really just today focusing on any rescues or making sure people were okay. They hope you do that tomorrow. Once things if the rain and the wind gusts clear out of here, which is probably not going to happen early in the morning. So time will tell when that's going to start happening. But as far as that curfew, you mentioned they want people to stay off the roadways for exactly what you're seeing here. There supreme everywhere. Just in downtown Wilmington, not as much as we're seeing throughout the other roadways with a massive trees down. But the power lines are big concern to more than eighty percent of people. Here don't have power so IRI dragging on the streets. It was hard to see anything because no street lights. No anything. The only thing. You're seeing is people have generators. So I'm sure by tomorrow. A lot of people are going to get stir crazy guys because there's nothing open for good reason. There's nothing opened. They don't want people coming out. But a lot of people are in hotels. They went inland and a lot of people laughed, right? Phil area in the Wilmington area. They're anxious to get back home. But they don't want you to even try to get back to this area until they give the all clear. The shelters are full. There's five shelters here. They're all full. And so just a lot of assessing to do as time goes on once the rain and win like I said, we we're actually getting a nice break right now. This is calm considering what you know early this morning a hundred mile more than one hundred mph with us. We're coming here. And throughout the day was pretty strong, the rain, but this is actually not that bad said, I'm enjoying this compared to what it's been like the last twenty four hours you need a little bit of a break. Diane and sodas everyone else there in New Hanover county. Diane. I'm happy to see you put your boots on. I'm sorry. I missed teasha, Diana. Yes. Yes. You know? I love the crocks. I know a couple of years they did reach out to me and my boss because they were not happy. If you caught any my coverage I was wearing sandals yesterday. And before I got into the floodwaters, I know better not to go any floodwaters without my boots on. I did always have my boots with me when I felt I needed them. I was comfortable my sandals yesterday. I felt safe in my sandals. Yesterday. Was raining. There is not any debris at that point that I thought I was putting myself in danger, but I've taken all of their suggestions that I have my boots on and they will stay on as I go through the flood waters. Yes. As I saw you walking in the water, Diane. I was thinking to myself, I hope they're boots under there. Don't worry. Hearing about it. If I did it. All right. Dan was talking about the the shelter population. And it's really the numbers are pretty staggering across the state. They're close to twenty three thousand people staying in shelters signed people have been evacuated from their homes one hundred fifty shelters that are open their thrown at schools, many churches have opened their.

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