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To the white student hurd and christopher now my nephew they went there to do stuff to went back to the hold on to talk to people and they came with a triggered treasure trove of of of skopje wien the only while he was away fascinating because you know it liking say it to me guess what your great great the great grandfather he was vow to all things and you know he had numerous women and blah blah blah so i i told well when you get a hallway jacqueline i wanted to hear all that stuff because i can see how you can get caught up in just a simple what the great greek grandfather do or whatever what did he come with italy blah blah blah stuff you a little a lot more dramatic guess what jeff pinata greatgreat grandfather always murderer in history okay couvert j jason named john smith now as something or what but it iraq's second we'll take a break uh it did a lot on this and and you continue we could do it now or do you think you got everything you need to put you have your book out oh no we were working week a career four angle that i got hollywood helping me whipped right now we are just trying to get funding for some of the issues that were going to the quote unquote digging up and and i love the goal groom them we see when we come back from the break yeah we'll definitely will definitely do that go to break now ladies and gentlemen standby great show tonight jeff much is talking about his greatgreat grandfather standby please yes these are.

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