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Root canal teeth are dead and one hundred percent of root canal. Teeth get infected. Because they're still attached at the roots to the vascular lymphatic system and so i bought haley at the university of kentucky. Shown one root canal truth shuts down sixty three percent of your immune system. No i have one the 'grande okay. Now that one is in your kidney bladder circuit and which is Perhaps from the standpoint more important than some others in that the final common pathway to all of your organs for voltage to go is bladder circuit. So when you take out that final top pathway you usually have general overall voltage. Is there any way to and for all of you. Don't see it's my front tooth. I landed on it as a kid. is there any way to do a root canal. 'cause we did high oxygen treatment on it later in my life and cleaned it out and is there any way to have a root canal done correctly. Or what is my next step. Do i have to pull that tooth and put something else in. Or what are your thoughts on that and so you simply have to pull it. Clean up the bone..

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