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I'm definitely taking full advantage of that. So you at least recognize the cowboy is a pretty big to main event a big stage to be on. Yeah. Huge. You know, I don't I don't see him as any more threatening than turn. All do. You know, I have most respect for that fight as I do this one. This just happened to have a bigger name behind it. He's also name and wake ac- to the game. So for me, this is like the perfect step up in competition for my career to catapult me into the next limelight. The next level of, you know, just competitive fear and talk and say, I apologize. It's the main event of the ESPN prelims the main event, of course, it's on the T J pseudo card, but it's still a big spot to be in. I mean because cowboy normal doesn't fight on the prelims. No, I so the way that that same interview referring to him may junkie the way they laid it out, which I'm hoping is the case, we're actually I'm we're on actually SPN, and then the pay per view is kind of like an ESPN. Plus is that correct? Yeah. Yeah. That's that's that's fucking brilliant. I wanna be happier about that. And I think it's just again as a testament that the shares the same vision idea of you know, me being the future of this as Asian not just a division. Well, you are ten in one. I mean, you're you're obviously, I mean this'll be third fight in in the US. The first fight you had against dare us. I have to ask you about the opening of like you came out like you're about to touch loves through a beautiful kick to the body. Now was that intentionally just to try to relax him for a second. Or did you change your mind as it was happening? No. And I'm really my back in the talk touches their backhand. I was I was just framing. Yeah. Yeah. So it was more of a range depth shot. I've been planning the entire week that I need to disrupt cadences aggressively as possible 'cause they're uses a slow stalker. You know, he likes to he likes to build momentum. And then corner his opponent and keep them caged. And then when he feeds off that and gets his his his confidence, and aggression, you know, based on based on his opponent dwindling. I guess the cage. So for me I wanted to disrupt all that immediately. And I thought putting a foot hardwood? What helps so? Okay. Yeah. The idea was to charge as fast as I could being the bunch and then kind of project the next the next shots to follow. So once once I landed that, and then I saw that overhead of the hook. I'm merely new you know, you and I had to completely different speeds. And so it was only a matter of time before I caught that hand you gotta tough wrap on that. Because Rogan when we saw it just now, wait a second. And he go to and then we watched it again. In Rogan, call to the same way. All we faked the touch so it did look. But then when you look at it, you did have your arms out. It's not like you had your hand up palm towards him to go within are used to punch clubs. I think he went to was met with a foot in the fucking face. Pander that shit. You know, I can't tell you what he was thinking. But my intent was never to the pool like quick one over his head. I just I just try to line them up. It was like I haven't those are my scopes, I was nearing him in. And then I shot a shot. Now cowboy Cowboys a huge name. I mean is the names like this the McGregor the the DA's, and and then like right on like Neath that I'm gonna say that a little bit mcgregor's up there. But I mean Cowboys right there. He's huge. He's huge in the UFC, people know who cowboy Surani is this would be a huge feather in your cap..

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